Sculpture in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Klaipeda, Lithuania impressed me as a place that would be a fun Baltic seaport town for a couple days in summer. Though, the deal for me is I was in Klaipeda during the first week of April.

The presence of white storks in treetop nests around the early spring countryside were some of the most exciting encounters I had in two days hanging around sleepy Klaipeda. The white stork is Lithuania’s national bird. The Baltic country hosts the highest density of breeding white storks each spring.

Katinas  Klaipeda cat

I spent more time around statues than people for two days, wandering the thickly cobbled Old Town streets and city parks of  Klaipeda.

Klaipeda gull

Klaipeda mouse

The seagull was swooping down for real cheese someone left at the mouse statue’s feet. This mouse is listed #3 of 72 for Klaipeda top attractions on TripAdvisor.com. At least the white storks in the countryside are alive.

Large rounded cobblestones for some streets were hard on my feet, even wearing sturdy support walking shoes.

This town might be ankle-wrenching in summer sandals.

Klaipeda Old Town cobbles

My eyes concentrated on my footsteps wherever I walked. The few cars passing on these deeply cobbled roads rumbled and bounced along these inner Old Town Klaipeda streets.

Klaipeda Old Town buildings

Klaipeda Sea Port

Ghost sailor

Klaipeda is a seaport town with ferries to international destinations and ferry shuttles over to the northern end of the Curonian Spit, a 98km spit extending north from the mainland of Russia’s Kaliningrad exclave on the Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania. The spit is 4km wide at its widest and only 400 meters in places at its southern end near the Russian mainland.


Curonian Spit – wikimedia

Curonian Spit is divided midway with a border between Lithuania and Russia. The mainland road is in Russia. Access to the Curonian Spit from Klaipeda, Lithuania is by ferry over the channel.

Curonian Spit ferry

Ferry crossing from Curonian Spit to Klaipeda

Curonian Spit is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area around Nida on the Lithuanian side of the Curonian Spit near the Russian border is a popular artists’ summer colony.

Google Maps Klaipeda


Klaipeda Sculpture Park

The Soviet government of Lithuania repurposed one of Klaipeda’s main cemeteries in 1977 to create a sculpture park. There are 180 works in the park.

Sculpture park-1

Sculpture park-2

Sculpture park-3

Sculpture park-4

Sculpture park-5

Sculpture park-7

Sculpture Park 13 (2)

Sculpture park-6

Still life…

Sculpture Park-10

Real life…

Sculpture Park -11

Sculpture Park-12

Sculpture Park Klaipeda is a relaxing space to chill and wander.

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