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On my second trip to Lithuania I am even more impressed by how widely English is spoken. During six days wandering through Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda, only once did I ask a local a question in English that was not understood. I was asking which beer types were light pilsner/lager and the waitress did not understand me. Two other women at the pub translated my question into Lithuanian for her. I got the kind of beer I wanted.

I will likely write 20 or more articles about hotels and travel through Lithuania and Latvia when I get back to Monterey, California. But for today, I simply want to lazily post some photos of Lithuania. I am too excited to get outside and explore Riga, Latvia some more on a clear, warm spring weather day.

Vilnius laundry

Vilnius, Lithuania – Woman hanging her laundry on clothes line beside Vilnia River.

Vilnius Hotel Jamaika

Hotel Jamaika – Vilnius, Lithuania – Flag display shows U.S.A. flag hanging backwards.

Vilnia bridge swing

Vilnius, Lithuania – Swing suspended from bridge over Vilnia River. I saw swings suspended from bridges in Kaunas too.

Vilnius Uzupio Republic

Uzupio Republic is an artists’ enclave in Vilnius with its own constitution and  eclectic art awaiting visitors around every corner.

Uzupio art   Uzupio artwork

Uzupio Republic artworks.

Vilnius signs of spring

Vilnius signs of spring. White storks returning from the savannah of Africa to nest in Lithuania is another sign of spring I witnessed (but no good photos since I saw a couple dozen nests only while speeding along bumpy two lane roads in a moving bus). Lithuania has the highest density of nesting white storks on the planet.

Laisvės alėja Liberty Boulevard Kaunas

Laisvės alėja, Kaunas, Lithuania – Liberty Boulevard Kaunas at 1.6km/1 mile in length is longest pedestrian shopping lane in Eastern Europe. Fantastic street for a Kaunas pub crawl.

Kaunas car

Hitching a ride in Kaunas.

Kaunas craft fair

Laisvės alėja, Kaunas, Lithuania 3-day craft fair featured hundreds of booths lining both sides of mile long Liberty Avenue on the day after my other photo.

Klaipeda Old Town mural

Klaipeda, Lithuania Old Town mural.

Klaipeda fog

Klaipeda River Dane on a foggy night.

Klaipeda ferry

Klaipeda passenger ferry Baltija crossing from Curonian Spit.

Klaipeda Old Town cobbles

Klaipeda Old Town is tough to walk in places where streets are covered in large cobblestones. Two different times I was inches from colliding with cyclists I did not see coming, who were riding on smooth sidewalks I was walking in places where streets are large cobblestones.

Klaipeda penguins

Klaipeda Sculpture Park is a Soviet era park built over the city’s former cemetery. There are 116 sculptures in the open air public park.

However, the most popular sculpture in Klaipeda, according to TripAdvisor, is Golden Mouse.

Klaipeda golden mouse

The Baltic morning fog has lifted, the sun is out with clear blue skies. I am heading outside on a photography binge of Riga, Latvia today.


  • Karung99 April 10, 2017

    Rick, thank you for those pictures it bring back fun memories, we stayed there for 5 days and love it. Looking forward to go back there.

  • Steven April 10, 2017

    20 more articles about such a small area? Waaay too much

  • Ric Garrido April 10, 2017

    @Steven – You may be right. Perhaps one article about traveling the world and 19 about credit card sign-up bonuses I saw this week.

  • Bernice Poshkus April 11, 2017

    I visited Vilnius and Trakai last fall. We got there at the time of their street festival. When is the one in Kaunas? The trip was a gift from my son, so it was a bit short, but I very much enjoyed it. I was saddened but not surprised by the many remnants of Soviet and Russian oppression.

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