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Fare War BOS/JFK to Spain $390s winter, $520s July

American Airlines/ Iberia and SkyTeam have cities across Spain and Porto, Portugal priced in the upper $300s round trip for winter and late fall travel, low $400s in April-June, low $500s July-August and back down to $300s by late Oct. These low fare deals include many of the Spanish resort islands, including Tenerife in the Canary Islands, northwestern Spain, like Vigo and Santiago de Compostela, and even Porto, Portugal.

SkyTeam matches fares to many of these cities. Star Alliance is low fare to Madrid.

Google Flights Sun March 5 – Mon March 13

Oneworld filter shows 8 cities in Spain and Portugal priced in $300s round trip.

There are several other airports too.

Google Flights JFK-Spain Oneworld

$381 JFK – Madrid Iberia nonstop

$389 Barcelona American nonstop

$393 Tenerife

$394 Bilbao

$394 Ibiza

$394 Santiago de Compostela SCQ

$395 Almeria

$395 Vigo, Spain

$395 Palma Mallorca

$398 Alicante

$398 Porto, Portugal


Summer Fares

Iberia Airlines  New York JFK – Madrid MAD – Palma Mallorca PMI – Madrid – New York JFK

$518.68 round trip  Mon July 10 – Tue July 18

JFK-PMI $519 IB Jul10-18

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