August 2017 Airfare Deals

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How I avoid low cost airline bag fees

Many of these fares are only available 6 to 18 hours, a few fares last several days. Many of these deals appear, go away within a day and are repeated again within days or a week or two later. This is why I do not mark fares “Expired”. A deal from last week may have expired and be back again when you click on the Google Flights fare links.

Loyalty Traveler tutorial series:

Finding and ticketing long overnight layovers at intermediate airports on international tickets

International Ticketing Strategy for transit city long layovers (June 30, 2017).

How to search Momondo for international ticket long layover cities (July 4, 2017).

SJC/SFO-Scandinavia $377-$492 with multiple international city long layovers (July 4, 2017).

Ticketing strategy: long layovers on intra-Europe one-way tickets (July 5, 2017).

San Jose to London $628 with 4 other USA cities long layover ticket (July 7, 2017).

Loyalty Traveler August 2017 fare deals.

Denver–Benelux Deals $394-$490 Oct-Dec  (Aug 4, 2017).

Seattle to Frankfurt $413-$476 Oct-Dec  (Aug 4, 2017).