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Sri Lankan Airlines $914 Business Class Doha to Singapore, AAdvantage EQM-EQD earned

This is another post examining AAdvantage 2017 elite qualification earning for Oneworld Partner airline tickets in premium cabins as a far less expensive route to AAdvantage Platinum, Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum elite status than buying American Airlines tickets.

Sri Lankan Airlines with its hub in Colombo, Sri Lanka offers Business Class tickets from Doha, Qatar to Singapore for $914 round trip. The ticket books in Business Class code I. This fare is available for departures beginning in January with wide open availability nearly every date from April to October 2017.

Sri Lankan Airlines  Doha, Qatar DOH – Colombo, Sri Lanka CMB – Singapore SIN – Colombo CMB – Doha, DOH

$913.16 round trip Business Class Code I  (3,325 QAR),  Sun Apr 2 – Sun Apr 9

DOH-SIN $914 UL Sri Lankan Apr2-9

DOH – CMB – SIN – CMB – DOH = 7,906 flight miles.

AAdvantage EQM and EQD for Sri Lankan Airlines Earn Table Business Class I code ticket.

7,906 flight miles x 1.50 EQM = 11,859 EQM 

7,906 flight miles x 0.20 EQD = $1,581 EQD 

7,906 flight miles = 7,906 redeemable miles + elite bonus (40-120%).

Ticket Price $913.16 / 11,859 EQM = 7.7 cents per EQM.

This is an overall very low EQM earn rate at 7.7 cents/EQM meaning it would take about $7,700 in spend to reach EQM needed for AAdvantage Executive Platinum at 100,000 EQM.

However, this is not a particularly good EQD earn rate. $913.16 / 1,581 = 58 cents per EQD. It would take $6,960 in ticket spend to reach $12,000 EQD for AAdvantage Executive Platinum elite.

As a comparison for EQM/EQD earn rates, there was a brief opportunity yesterday morning for Oneworld Alliance member Qatar Airways LAX-SIN via Doha Business Class tickets at $1,681 round trip. That ticket had an earn rate of 4.6 cents per EQM ($4,600 to reach Executive Platinum) and 35 cents per EQD ($4,200 to reach Executive Platinum elite) illustrating the kind of AAdvantage 2017 earn rates possible when booking premium class tickets on Oneworld Airline partners when flying Business Class.

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  • bill December 7, 2016

    How does ~$3850 in spend on these equal Executive Platinum status? It seems like you’re suggesting from the $913.16 price that four of these would earn Exec Plat status, but the trip only earns 11,859 EQM, so you would need to fly nine of these to earn 100,000 EQM (and spend ~$8000). Four of these trips would only generate 47,436 EQM.

  • Ric Garrido December 7, 2016

    @Bill – Thanks for pointing out the error, I corrected it.

    I started out to write spend needed for AAdvantage 50,000 EQM Platinum and then changed to Executive Platinum.

    Of course, I am not suggesting taking nine trips Doha-Singapore to earn elite. I am looking at the EQM and EQD cost of different tickets with oneworld alliance partners to get a range of earn rates for AAdvantage EQM and EQD when flying Premium Economy and Business Class long-haul flights.

    I rarely mentioned Premium Economy and Business Class fares over the past two years of publishing thousands of airfare deals.

    Now that American, Delta and United have all moved to revenue-based miles earning, I am learning the parameters of how spending more on premium cabin tickets makes cheaper elite qualification possible than flying deep discount economy.

    Personally, I do not plan to change my flying style much. I won’t be buying many $1,000 to $2,000 tickets, but I see this as a good strategy to elite for others who have the money or have reimbursed expenses.

    Personally, I have my eye on British Airways Premium Economy T class $600 round trip tickets for Stockholm to Los Angeles/San Francisco.

    ARN-LHR-LAX-LHR-ARN 10,912 flight miles in British Airways Premium Economy for $600 round trip earns:

    16,638 EQM and 2,182 EQD.
    3.65 cents per EQM and 28 cents per EQD. At these earn rates, AAdvantage Executive Platinum is earned in 2017 for under $4,000 in spend.

  • bill December 7, 2016

    Yep – was just confused. Thanks for posting these – greatly appreciated as I try to plan out my elite strategy for next year!

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