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LAX to Maldives $1,819 CX Premium Economy earns AAdvantage Gold

CAthay Pacific Premium Economy round trip ticket at $1,819 are a high fare to a high priced destination like Los Angeles to Male, Maldives with a high earn rate towards American Airlines AAdvantage elite status in 2017. These fares are available Feb-May and Aug-Oct 2017.

My primary purpose in sharing this fare is exploration of the types of ways to earn AAdvantage elite in 2017 through long-haul premium class tickets.

The cheapest way to reach American Airlines AAdvantage high elite status in 2017 with requirements for Platinum at 50,000 EQM/$6,000 EQD; Platinum Pro 75,000 EQM/$9,000 EQD and Executive Platinum 100,000 EQM/$12,000 EQD is through Oneworld Alliance partner airline premium cabin tickets. The advantage of partner airline tickets in the new AAdvantage is EQD and redeemable miles are earned based on flight distance and booking code.

Premium Economy on Cathay Pacific and British Airways are sweet spots for earning low cost EQD and EQM and more redeemable miles than offered on most American Airlines purchased tickets.

Cathay Pacific  Los Angeles LAX – Hong Kong HKG – Male, Maldives MLE – Hong Kong HKG – LAX

$1,818.62 round trip Premium Economy booking code E.

LAX-MLE $1819-PE CX Feb4-12

LAX-HKG-MLE-HKG-LAX = 20,472 flight miles.

AAdvantage Miles Earn Table for Cathay Pacific flights.

20,472 flight miles x 1.50 EQM = 30,708 EQM (Earn AAdvantage Gold with 25,000 EQM).

20,472 flight miles x 0.20 EQD = $4,094 EQD  (Earn AAdvantage Gold with $3,000 EQD).

20,472 flight miles = 20,472 redeemable miles + elite bonus (40-120%).

Ticket Price $1,818.62 / 30,708 EQM = 5.9 cents per EQM and 45 cents/EQD.

2017 ticket spend for AAdvantage Elite at these earn rates of 5.9 cents per EQM:

  • AAdvantage Gold elite = $1,475 for 25,000 EQM. (Meets $3,000 EQD requirement)
  • AAdvantage Platinum = $2,950 for 50,000 EQM. (Meets $6,000 EQD requirement)
  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro = $4,425 for 75,000 EQM (Meets $9,000 EQD requirement)
  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum = $5,900 for 100,000 EQM (Meets $12,000 EQD requirement)

The ticket spend shown to earn AAdvantage elite status in 2017 reveals why long-haul premium economy and business class tickets with Oneworld Alliance airline partners offer a far cheaper way to elite status than buying American Airlines tickets.


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