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Oneworld $400-$425 Barcelona/Madrid to LAS/LAX/PHX/SEA/SFO Sep-March 2017

There are many low fare deals from cities across Europe to cities across the USA available with Oneworld Alliance, SkyTeam Alliance and Star Alliance. for travel September to March 2017. In brief, there are round trip tickets priced from $350 to $450 from Tallinn, Estonia and the Baltics to Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; Milan and Rome, Italy and Vienna, Amsterdam and other European cities to USA cities across the country in the eastern USA and the western USA and many places in the middle.

Google Flights Map Oneworld Alliance

Barcelona – USA Wed Sep 28 – Wed Oct 19

Google Flights Map OW BCN-USA $400 

  • $384 BCN – Miami
  • $389 BCN – Chicago
  • $396 BCN – New York
  • $397 BCN – Orlando
  • $398 BCN – Minneapolis
  • $400 BCN – Seattle
  • $407 BCN – Los Angeles
  • $410 BCN – Atlanta
  • $416 BCN – Dallas
  • $416 BCN – Houston
  • $417 BCN – San Francisco

Barcelona and Madrid to Western USA

I’ll focus this post on low fare deals from Barcelona and Madrid, primarily with Oneworld Alliance airlines as an example of the kind of low fares available with American, British Airways and Iberia ticket prices from Barcelona and Madrid to five western USA airports:

  • Las Vegas LAS
  • Los Angeles LAX
  • Phoenix PHX
  • San Francisco SFO
  • Seattle SEA

Sample Fares to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Seattle

Barcelona BCN to USA tickets Mon Sep 26 – Thu Nov 17

BCN – San Francisco $421 round trip British Airways

BCN – Los Angeles LAX $402.81 round trip British Airways

BCN – Las Vegas LAX $404 round trip British Airways

BCN – Phoenix PHX $404 round trip British Airways

BCN – Seattle SEA $401 round trip British Airways

British Airways Barcelona BCN – London LHR – Los Angeles LAX – London LHR – Barcelona BCN

$402.81 round trip (363.52 EUR) Mon Sep 26 – Thu Nov 17

BCN-LAX $403 BA Sep-Nov

Even lower prices are available if you book a ticket with a change of airports in London, but all the ticket prices shown here are for itineraries with no airport change in London between LHR and LGW, which will take $12 to $30 per person for train or bus and 2 to 4 hours transfer time.

Sample Fares to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Seattle

Madrid MAD to USA tickets Sat Oct 8 – Sat Nov 19

MAD – Las Vegas LAS $410 round trip American

MAD – Los Angeles LAX $412 round trip American/Iberia/British Airways

MAD – Phoenix PHX $410 American

MAD – San Francisco SFO $431 United (As I mentioned, this fare sale is with all alliances depending on city pairs, and this route is cheaper on United.)

MAD – San Francisco SFO $437 British Airways

MAD – Seattle SEA $406 American/Iberia

Open-Jaw Tickets Low Price Too

Since the ticketing strategy I am describing is for multiple trips to Europe, then booking open-jaw flights eliminates the need for booking intra-Europe plane tickets. For example, you can fly Barcelona – San Francisco – Madrid and focus on one city for each trip.

British Airways  Barcelona BCN – London LHR – San Francisco SFO – London LHR – Madrid MAD

$426.35 (384.76 EUR)  Monday Oct 10 – Sat Nov 19

BCN-SFO-MAD $426 BA Oct 10-Nov19

European Trip Planning Strategy for USA residents to visit Europe two or three times in next 8 months

While these ticket prices are for flights departing from Europe to the USA, this is an opportunity for USA residents who want to take multiple trips to Europe over the next seven to eight months.

Getting to Europe is as low as $200 one way on Norwegian or WOW Air from many USA airports or use frequent flyer miles for a one-way positioning flight to Europe and eventually for the one-way flight you need to get back to the USA after completing your Europe-USA ticket.

The deal I see here is the potential to fly to multiple times to a city you want to visit in Europe or fly to multiple cities in Europe.

The idea from an American resident’s viewpoint is to get yourself to Europe on miles or low cost one way ticket, vacation in Europe, fly home from Barcelona or Madrid on a cheap ticket with British Airways and return to Europe months later for a second trip. The more times you do this, the lower the average ticket cost. With these low fares available from September through March you can make three trips to Europe paying miles for two one-ways or picking up a low $200 one way fare to Europe or from Europe with Norwegian or WOW and the cost of two round trip tickets will be about $800 when starting in Europe. Your miles + $800  buys three European vacations.

You can schedule two or three months from the time you fly Spain to USA before going back to Europe. This assumes you have a home and work in the USA and need to spend a good block of time in the USA between trips. In my ticket price samples for Barcelona I assume September travel from USA to Europe in September using miles and getting back to USA on a $400 British Airways ticket with a return date around Thanksgiving. You could also shift return dates to 2017 for Jan-March.

Here is an example of cheap positioning flights to Madrid from Oakland, California on Norwegian Airlines flying to Copenhagen and then Copenhagen to Madrid.

Norwegian Airlines Oakland OAK – Copenhagen CPH

$233.80 one way September 28

OAK-CPH $235ow Norwegian Sep 28

Arrive in Copenhagen on Sep 29 and stay two nights before flying on to Madrid.

Ryanair $33 Copenhagen – Madrid one way on Oct 1.

CPH-MAD $33 Ryanair Oct 1

You can get to Madrid from San Francisco Bay Area for $270 one way in September and fly back to San Francisco with United or British Airways for around $430 round trip. Assume another $270 for the flight back home from Europe and you have two trips to Europe for $970. Book two tickets Europe-USA and you can have three trips for about $1,370.

And if you have frequent flyer miles to use for one way positioning flights, then the cost might even drop down to under $900 for three trips to Europe between September 2016 and March 2017.

This is just a few examples of potential itineraries.


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