PHL to Dublin DUB American $528/$765 June/July, United $528/$751, Delta $562/$770

Philadelphia has been a major battle airport in this past week’s fare war to Europe. Philadelphia to Dublin for $300 round trip on a United ticket was probably the lowest fare to Europe last week. Fares are higher now, but there is also a major difference in today’s fares. Low fares in all three alliances, American-Oneworld, Delta-Skyteam and United-Star Alliance have fares in the mid-$700s for the month of July travel from Philadelphia to Dublin, Ireland.

A $750 ticket is quite a difference from a $300 ticket and typically nothing to be excited about, but those $300 tickets people bought last week were departure dates for travel from November 2016 to March 2017. The opportunity to buy a round trip ticket in late May from a USA airport to Europe for July travel at $750 round trip is not a common sighting these past few years.

American Airlines offers low fares to Dublin at $520 round trip in late May, low June fares $528 round trip ticket.

United/Air Canada lowest fares at $526-$528 for early June match AA $528 fare. United Airlines low fares on this route have been prevalent for the past week and far lower at times.

Delta Air Lines is battling until June 13 today with $562 to $567 fares.

My advice for people desiring a trip to Europe in summer 2016, and do not live in the Philadelphia/New York area of the USA, is check out the airfare from your home base to Philadelphia or New York or a Canadian airport like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, if summer trip airline tickets are over $1,000 round trip in your region.

This is a dynamic situation on the low fare for this PHL-DUB route. Travel industry pricing is like a roulette wheel. Place your bet and hope you guess where the big marble lands.Who knows if this fare will go down again this week? Tomorrow American Airlines may offer its own Philadelphia $300 fare sale to Dublin. No doubt, fares will go up again. Soon.

The nature of this beast is fare wars are short lived. This kind of summer travel deal is usually short lived. But in this case, Philadelphia has been a battle ground for low fares over the past two weeks.

I see this as a good opportunity for people in the northeast region to pick up AAdvantage miles and EQM with a trip to Ireland and Europe while earn rates are still good. We do not know yet when AAdvantage will go revenue based for earning frequent flyer miles based on ticket price rather than flight miles.

Philadelphia to Dublin sample fares on American Airlines for June/July 2016.

Depart June 15, 2016 to Dublin on a 20-day (or shorter) ticket is $570 round trip.

Airfare to Europe rises significantly beginning June 16, as has been the case for the past couple decades since I was a public school teacher and did not get summer vacation until mid-June each year. Same case is seen this year with Philadelphia to Dublin fares.

American Airlines Philadelphia – London LHR – Dublin – London LHR – Philadelphia

$570.36  Wed June 15 – Tue July 5

PHL-DUB $570 AA June 15-Jul5

Depart June 16, 2016 or later and you will not find a $570 fare again until September 2 departures. Philadelphia to Dublin 20-day (or shorter) ticket has lowest fare at $765 round trip.

American Airlines Philadelphia – Dublin – Chicago – Philadelphia

$764.56  Wed July 20 – Wed August 3

PHL-DUB AA $765 Jul20-Aug3

Delta and United have had far lower fares from Philadelphia to Dublin this past week, so I don’t see a need to highlight their offers with more screenshots.

The real deal here is American Airlines, Delta or United to Dublin, Ireland, a gateway to the rest of Europe, in the mid-$700s for peak summer season travel is a highly competitive fare based on the past few years of average USA to Europe fares..

Low cost carrier RyanAir will fly you from Dublin to most anywhere else in Europe you want to be, if Ireland is not your desired destination.

American Airlines Philadelphia – Charlotte CLT – Dublin  – Philadelphia

$533.46  Sun May 29 – Mon June 6

PHL-DUB $533 AA May 29-Jun6

PHL-CLT-DUB-PHL = 7,442 flight miles.

Loyalty Traveler Airfare Deals page – May 2016

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