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High value places for Wyndham Rewards points

Wyndham Rewards points are on Daily Getaways sale Monday April 11 at 1:00pm ET. Each member can buy 15,000 points for $150, up to 30,000 points. Over the past five years the fever to buy Wyndham Rewards points has run hot and cold. 2016 should be hotter than the past few years during Daily Getaways sales, but I don’t know if these points will sell out quickly. I will be on a flight and hope they don’t sell out quickly. I find good value in Wyndham Rewards points.

Wyndham Rewards Daily Getaways apr11

Wyndham The Hot Years 2011-2013

Wyndham Rewards points were hot in 2011 to 2013 when $135 in points could be exchanged into 19,200 miles. I purchased Wyndham Rewards points several years ago when they sold on Daily Getaways for under $3.00 per 1,000 points. My points were used for hotel room reward rate discounts and not used for airline miles.

In 2014, the price was $5.40 per 1,000 points and Wyndham cut the exchange rate for points to miles transfers significantly. There was very little competition to buy Wyndham Rewards points and I refilled my account again. Wyndham Rewards did not participate in last year’s sale.

Gone with the Wyndham Rewards: points-to-miles rate cut by half Jan 31, 2014 (Feb 3, 2014).

Daily Getaways May 19 Wyndham points analysis (May 12, 2014).

Last year Wyndham Rewards revamped its program to add GoFree and GoFast rewards. Every blogger’s post I see discussing the value of Wyndham Rewards points in the Daily Getaways sale focuses on how any hotel in the chain is 15,000 points for a free reward night and then picks two to five hotels around the world where the value of buying reward points is favorable compared to the average room rate in places like New York and Napa.

Loyalty brilliance in the new era of Wyndham Rewards (May 12, 2015).

Wyndham Rewards GoFast $150 copay hotels in New York and other places

Wyndham Boston Beacon Hill surrounded by history (Loyalty Traveler reward stay hotel review).

Wyndham GoFast Rewards

As someone who actually looks for hotel discount rates wherever I travel and each year generally stays in some Wyndham Worldwide hotel brands, I have a completely different take on the value of Wyndham Rewards points for hotel stays. I have not redeemed a single GoFree reward night since the changes last year. I find the best value by far is booking GoFast rewards nights for 3,000 points plus a copay from $25 to $150 per night. Forget the $150 per night copay hotels too. The real deals are found in the midrange hotels.

Last week I saved over $180 on the room rate for Ramada Apollo Amsterdam paying 3,000 points and 55 EUR.

Hotel Review: Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Centre on Wyndham Rewards GoFast rate

Another great value Wyndham Hotel is Mills House Charleston, South Carolina.

Historic Charleston, SC 1853 The Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel (May 25, 2014).

We will see what the market thinks today about the value of Wyndham Rewards points. I will be on a plane when the sale starts. If points are still available when I get home, I’ll probably pick up another 15,000 points. I am sure I can find several hundred dollars in added value in 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points. But no worry if they sell out. I still have a stash of points from past years’ Daily Getaways purchases.