Five Star Ramada Hotel & Suites Vilnius, Lithuania

Having read that Ramada Hotel & Suites Vilnius was awarded the top hotel in Lithuania award in 2011 had me curious to see the property when I passed by the hotel yesterday on my walk through Old Town Vilnius. This is the most upscale Ramada I have ever seen for the hotel brand.

Ramada Hotel & Suites Vilnius is rated a 5-star hotel for Vilnius, Lithuania. TripAdvisor ranks the hotel #21 of 87 in Vilnius with 4.5 circles after 392 reviews. Most reviews rate the hotel excellent, although there are some complaint reviews pulling the hotel down in overall ranking. The hotel location seemed to me to be situated perfectly in a central location of Old Town Vilnius, the UNESCO World Heritage site and primary tourism center for the capital city of Lithuania.

Ramada Vilnius ext

Ramada Hotel & Suites Vilnius in Old Town with adjacent California Cafe.

The hotel has four floors with a variety of room types from single, queen, junior suites, Queen suites and Royal Suite. Rates range from about 100 to 300 EUR per night in April 2016.

I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Vilnius and Holiday Inn Vilnius for my 5-night stay in the city. Those hotels were about 25 minutes walk and 15 minutes walk respectively to Old Town. Radisson Blu Vilnius is about 20 minutes walk to Old Town.

Old Town Vilnius

View of Senamiestis, Vilnius – Old Town Vilnius from Gediminas’ Tower.

Ramada Vilnius Room 222

This single room was a bit small, but nicely furnished. This room type is currently about 109 EUR per night in April 2016.

Ramada 222 bed

Ramada 222 desk

Ramada 222 shower  Ramada 222 hot towel rack

Room 222 is fine for a single person for 109 EUR, but not actually a knock-out example of a 5-star hotel room at Ramada Vilnius.

April 2016 Free 3-course Dinner Promotion

To sweeten this deal is an April 2016 promotional offer for a free 3-course dinner at the Ramada Imperial Restaurant when booking this hotel using promo code DINNER. The rates actually booked with a free dinner for no additional room price when I checked out the promotion.

Ramada Imperial Restaurant

April 2016 promotion offers free 3-course dinner at Imperial Restaurant.

The Imperial Restaurant ad in the elevator offered The Grand Duke’s Feast for authentic Lithuanian cuisine of soup, potato pancakes, caviar, dumplings and game meats for 58 EUR.

Ramada Vilnius Room 412

This room was one I liked as one of the lower category suites of the hotel more suitable for two persons. This room is an example of one of the rooms with a slanted ceiling. A TripAdvisor review complained about the low ceiling for a guest 6 ft. 4 in. guest.

Ramada 422 bathroom

Ramada 422 bath

Ramada Vilnius 422 bathroom with tub and shower and dual sinks. Ceilings are actually higher than the normal US hotel room in most Ramada Vilnius rooms.

Ramada 422 couch

Another room on the 4th floor was an even larger suite. I don’t recall the room number.

Ramada suite-4xx

Ramada 4xx-bedroom

Ramada 4xx suite

Ramada 4xx suite doors

My head was starting swirl with the rapid tour of rooms and I lost track of which suite I was in for the one above and this next suite.

Ramada Vilnius Queen Suite

Ramada Vilnius website link Queen Suite room category description.

Ramada suite 3f

Ramada suite 3b

Ramada suite 3c

Ramada suite 3g   Ramada suite 3h

Ramada Vilnius Royal Suite 226-227

Ramada Vilnius Royal Suite website link.

Ramada Royal-1

Ramada Royal-2   Ramada Royal-6

Ramada Royal-3   Ramada Royal-5

Ramada Royal-4

Ramada Royal bed

Curious as to what it would cost to put ourselves in the Royal Suite, I was surprised to find this room category available for under 300 EUR per night in April 2016.

Ramada Vilnius Royal Suite 582 EUR-2 nights

Ramada Vilnius Royal Suite 582 EUR for a 2-night stay Friday-Saturday April 22-23, 2016. Use the Dinner promotion and get a free dinner at Imperial Restaurant too.

Exceptional international hotels like Ramada Vilnius are the reason I get annoyed when I read points and miles bloggers summarily dismiss Wyndham Worldwide and Choice Hotels as low class hotels. As I frequently say, the value of hotel loyalty programs depends on where you travel.

Of note is this hotel is listed on the Wyndham Rewards website, however it is currently not bookable through their site. The receptionist stated that guests will earn Wyndham Rewards points for stays when providing their number.

I am still unsure if the hotel can be booked with Wyndham Rewards points for reward stays? That is an issue I will follow up on when I am back home in California.


Update April 7, 2017 – Ramada Vilnius became available for online reward booking since I published this article. I stayed at the hotel on a GoFast Reward in April 2017 for 3,000 points + 62 EUR when room rate was 141 EUR. That was excellent value for this hotel. Excellent staff service too. Definitely 5-star.

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