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Chicago ORD American Airlines Flagship Lounge space and food

a tray of sushi

We had about an hour before our American Airlines flight to London and walked into the Chicago ORD Admirals Club at Terminal 3 between Gates H6 and K6. The receptionist looked at my boarding pass, saw I was AAdvantage Executive Platinum, and suggested we go to the AA Flagship Lounge for better food and drinks.

American Airlines Flagship Lounge Chicago ORD Terminal 3 near Gate K19

AA Flagship ORD-1

There are four seating areas in the Flagship Lounge with two on the left side and two on the right side, each divided by partitions. There is also a small business center area and an enclosed quiet room with seating.

AA Flagship ORD-2   AA Flagship ORD-4

AA Flagship ORD 6  AA Flagship-Ord-5

AA Flagship ORD-3

AA Flagship Lounge ORD quiet room and business center in background.

There was plenty of food at the dinner hour. We were in the lounge from about 5:30 to 6:45pm.

AA Flagship ORD Food 2

AA Flagship ORD food-1

Sushi and Salmon were two dishes. There was steak, pasta, vegies, and desserts too.

AA Flagship ORD desserts

AA Flagship ORD wine

AA Flagship ORD beer

The AA Flagship Lounge was about a ten minute walk to our gate for the London flight. Unfortunately, we arrived at the gate and within ten minutes a flight departure delay was announced. We ended up waiting at the gate more than an hour before our flight departed with no announcements to explain why we were delayed. That time would have been much more enjoyable if we had remained in the First Class lounge.


  • That sounds a lot like when we were there for our flight from Chicago to Tokyo. We did actually visit the other 2 Admiral’s Clubs in ORD just to check them out, but the flagship lounge was definitely the best!

  • matteo April 8, 2016

    Nice lady at lounge entrance but place is OLD for a F class lounge.
    Been there a million times. Where are the showers???
    Needs updating as lounge is old and tired.

  • Lisa April 8, 2016

    I use FlightView on my phone for delay updates. It has often saved me having to walk back and forth to the gate (or get stuck at the gate rather than the lounge), and it is often more up-to-date than the gate info. It’s free, but does require data or wifi to use.

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