IHG Accelerate tasks not updating. Time to Worry?

IHG Rewards Club Accelerate promotion is a task-based individualized promotion for members from September 1 to December 31, 2015. New members to IHG Rewards Club can access an offer for one free night anywhere after two stays.

Loyalty Traveler – Earn 2 free nights after 4 stays by Dec 31, 2015 as new IHG Rewards Club member (Oct 12, 2015)

Over Thanksgiving week in London I booked three hotel nights in what I assumed would be the stays to complete my three Accelerate tasks and earn 42,000 bonus points with IHG Rewards Club.

The problem is I have not received any task completion updates more than two weeks after my stays in London IHG hotels.

IHG Accelerate Progress

My promotion status chart shows only 1 of 5 offers completed with 16 days remaining in 2015.

IHG Accelrate task board

My progress shows only 1 of 3 tasks completed. The top task is 5,000 bonus points after one stay. My paid stay at Holiday Inn London Heathrow T5 is shown as completed on November 27, yet my task is not shown as completed. I have completed three IHG Points and Cash stays with InterContinental Geneva in early October and two Holiday Inn London stays on November 24 and November 25. None of these stays are listed.

Where are my 41,700 bonus points IHG Rewards Club?

Is it time to worry?

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IC Geneva, HI London Regent’s Park and HI London Bloomsbury were three IHG Rewards Club Points and Cash stays and HI London Heathrow T5 was a paid stay and complete 3 of my 4 offers for IHG Accelerate promotion.

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  1. I wouldn’t worry yet, Ric. My tasks took over 3 weeks to post… It’s odd considering the hotel stays post everywhere EXCEPT within the accelerate promotion.

  2. I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve completed 4 stays, but it says zero nights toward the “Stay Twice Get Free Night” and the “Stay Twice More Free Night Offer”

  3. I completed my tasks a while ago. The updating was done in stages and very slowly, but in the end it was accurate.

  4. You should contact IHG Rewards — I would not ordinarily worry about some of the stays inasmuch as your paid stay apparently has posted in some form — points in your account, probably.

    HOWEVER, the points and cash stay from early October should have posted/been recorded by now and there is nothing to demonstrate that. Given that you had 2 additional points and cash stays from November that have yet to post, I would contact IHG Rewards and advise of ALL the failures to post — and request their manual intervention.

    Yes, tabulating is slow but a stay from early October should have shown up by now — 2 months later — and that bodes ill for the additional points and cash stays.

    Given that the other postings may be slow, you should tick off all the areas where they need to manually adjust your account.

    Good luck!


    PS — Keep us posted!

  5. No worries. It took at least 3 weeks to get updated. For my last stay, I received an e-mail congratulating me completed the task, 3 weeks after my stay, and it took another 1-2 weeks to finally show up in the progress page in IHG website.

  6. @Overland —

    “I have completed three IHG Points and Cash stays with InterContinental Geneva in early October and two Holiday Inn London stays on November 24 and November 25. None of these stays are listed.”

    By my reckoning, that is over 9 weeks ago at the very least, and he still does not show — see above — the stay from Geneva in early October 2015.

    You were awarded the points and credit 5 weeks after completing the stay — after 9 weeks, nothing for him.

    That warrants — at the very least — his contacting IHG asap.

  7. When the bonus points for my third and final task did not show up two weeks after completing the challenge, I called IHG customer service (a waste) and was told they’d get back to me in five days. They never did but two weeks later the points finally posted. All in all, it took a month.

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