Hyatt Gold Passport favors American members

The great feature of Hyatt Gold Passport for Americans is the ability to stay at Hyatt House and Hyatt Place hotels where the average rate is about $100 per night and earn loyalty points and promotion bonuses on far less hotel spend than international travelers staying at Hyatt Hotels.

Hyatt House and Hyatt Place are select service brands and all 220 properties in these two brands are located in North America. The other 249 Hyatt Hotels in the brands of Andaz, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency and Park Hyatt have a far higher average room rate of $175 to $235 per night.


Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced their 2012 Q-2 financial results. The primary reason I look at hotel chain financial reports is to see the official number for hotels in each brand, the geographic distribution of Hyatt Hotels and the average room rates.

There are far more Hyatt Place and Hyatt House select service hotels in the US than full service Hyatt Hotels with less than 40% of the properties in North America being full service Hyatt Hotels. All Hyatt properties outside of North America are full-service Hyatt Hotels.


Hyatt Place and Hyatt House select service hotel brands, all located in North America, average 132 rooms per hotel with 29,128 rooms in 220 hotels.

Hyatt Hotels on average have significantly more rooms. Hyatt Regency and Grand Hyatt hotels in most cities are designed for large conferences and conventions.

Grand Hyatt with an average hotel size of 570 rooms across the brand means these hotels are frequently hosting conferences. Stay at the hotel when rates are cheap and no conferences are scheduled and your chances improve vastly for securing a nice suite upgrade as a Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond member. The benefits of a Regency Club lounge are another nice feature of full service Hyatt Hotels.


Is the $100 Average Room Rate a myth?

Typically I use a fictional standard of an average hotel room rate at $100 per night when I plan out the rebate value for hotel stays provided by current hotel loyalty promotions.

My rationale is that I can generally fulfill hotel loyalty promotions staying at hotels throughout the year with an average hotel rate of $100 per night. In reality my annual hotel spend tends to work out to about $115 to $135 per night after taxes and fees for all my paid nights. All my discount hotel nights using points throughout the year bring my average hotel spend per night to under $100 per night.



$100 per room night is my objective and that objective with Hyatt Hotels is still a reasonable expectation with selective stays. I pay for Hyatt brand stays when the rates are cheap and the bonus points are good and I redeem for Hyatt stays when the rates are high and the redemption value is good.

Hyatt Hotels on average have far more expensive room rates for hotels outside the USA. The combined effect of higher room rates outside the USA and the inability to be a cardmember of Hyatt Visa Card for international Hyatt Gold Passport members makes the program less advantageous for non-Americans.

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  1. the last table seems wrong. Full service avg rates are $102, and HP/HH avg rates are $172?

    HP Amsterdam is announced, and I think some others in EU.


  2. Last table is curious, although I have frequently found select-service Hyatts priced in that range when competitive hotels were cheaper.

    How has Hyatt’s select-service footprint changed over the past year? I toyed with moving to Hyatt last year, but the footprint just wasn’t there, and in many markets I visit the Hyatt Places were pricing out $50 Hilton or Starwood properties. With the creation/expansion of Hyatt House, how have things changed in terms of average rate and number of select service hotels?

  3. I don’t think this is a huge secret though (rather it is a well known “issue”) where it’s often difficult to find a Hyatt outside of NA (hence the logic is it is difficult to attain status as well).

    Hopefully Hyatt continues to expand overseas and eventually this whole discussion wouldn’t be (much) of an issue.

  4. As far as promotions go, rest of the world is screwed as well, since they can’t get the credit card and +20% points offer.

  5. LIH Prem and Matt – Yeah, I messed up the last table and reversed the room rates for North America select service and full service hotels. Switched them to the correct rates now.

    Hyatt House has not really changed the rates much yet. The basic change is an additional 28 or so hotels added last year when Hyatt purchased Sierra Suites and along with Summerfield Suites converted them to Hyatt House.

  6. And in other news … Accor tends to favor European customers.

    Is this just a whine about the lack of a Hyatt credit card in every conceivable country? I’m sure Hyatt would love this…..the banks not so much. So is the solution to eliminate the 20% Hyatt credit card members receive? I don’t have their credit card but it is not going to make me feel any better to deny others.

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