Hotel credit card rank using NerdWallet hotel point values

The value of points and credit card ranking shifts when NerdWallet point values are used in the credit card tables from my previous credit card post using Lucky’s value of hotel points. The main shake-up here results from HHonors points being valued at just $5/1,000 points by 

In this analysis the value of SPG American Express rises as annual spend rises compared to other cards. At the $48,000 per year spend level the SPG American Express ranks as the most valuable hotel credit card. Priority Club and Marriott Visa rank highest at the $6,000 and $13,000 spend levels respectively.

A 25% higher value given to Marriott Rewards points at $10/1,000 points by also improves Marriott’s standing in these rankings compared to using $8/1,000 points.

The credit card tables below include $240 added value to Priority Club Visa. This added value is the value of the annual free night certificate with the assumption that it will be used for a 40,000 points reward night at an InterContinental Hotel: 40,000 points x $6/1,000 points.

Marriott Premier Visa also includes an annual free night certificate at a Category 1-5 hotel and I gave this certificate an additional $250 value (25,000 points x $10/1,000 points) on top of the annual points earned for card spend.

Neither Lucky or gave Carlson Hotels Goldpoints plus a hotel point value estimate so I have used $4/1,000 points.

Loyalty Traveler’s Ranking of Hotel Loyalty Credit Cards based on Hotel Point Values

  1. IHG Priority Club Visa (tie)
  2. Marriott Rewards Premier Visa (tie)
  3. HHonors Surpass American Express
  4. SPG American Express
  5. HHonors American Express
  6. Hyatt Visa
  7. Carlson Goldpoints Plus Visa
  8. HHonors Visa
  9. Marriott Visa

Loyalty Traveler has a different take on point values for hotel loyalty points that sets my hotel point value at a much higher rate than given by either NerdWallet or Lucky.

See this Loyalty Traveler post on the value of hotel points (Sep 7, 2010).

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Loyalty Traveler ranking of hotel credit cards differs from rank due to differences in calculating the value of the cards. The main limitation of credit card calculator is there is no consideration of hotel spend in the card value calculations. The tables in this post consider hotel spend and the higher rate of points earned on hotel credit cards for hotel spend.

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