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Starwood Hotels Discount Rates for Multi-night Stays

Starwood Hotels has a special rates offer that has been in effect for several years. There are discounts for stays of two to six nights.

  • 20% off two night stay
  • Third night free (33% discount)
  • Fourth night free (25% discount)
  • 25% off five night or longer stays
  • Two nights free on six night stay (33% discount)

Starwood Hotels Discount Links for Two Night and Longer Stays


Not all hotels participate in these Starwood multiple night discount offers, but I’d estimate hundreds do participate. These rates are not always a good deal compared to other rates. And then sometimes these rates can save several hundred dollars.

Suite Deals

One of the best value opportunities with these rates is booking a high category room like a junior suite or suite where the nightly savings can be $100 to $200.

My advice is to call the hotel directly if you actually want to book a suite and try to talk a rate deal. See if you can beat all other online offers.

Hotel Rate Tricks for July 4 Weekend Follow-up

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s July 4 Hotel Rate Tricks. The real hotel rate trick (in a Halloween sense) is some hotels in San Francisco are charging more for a three night Friday to Monday, July 4 weekend stay than the cost to book three separate nights at the hotel.

Comparing yesterday’s search results for the Fourth of July weekend shows 4 of 6 hotels in downtown San Francisco are available with the Z3H third night free rate.

a table with numbers and a few words

The savings at these four Starwood Hotels ranges from $28 for a three night stay at the W San Francisco to $150 for three nights at the Starwood Luxury Collection historic Palace Hotel which turned 100 years old in December 2009. The original Palace Hotel burned in the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 after opening in 1875 as one of the largest hotels in the world. Great history at this hotel but I am not a fan of their beds (unless the hotel replaced them since last summer?). Anyway, the AAA rate for the Palace Hotel is actually $4 per night less than the third night free rate and has better rate terms for cancellation.

Le Meridien has the advantage of balcony rooms and at $146 per night is a decent deal. And the Le Meridien Penthouse Suite is available at $3000 per night (after the third night free discount)!


  • Hi Ric! I am a bit confused on the discounts you give in the first paragraph. My understanding is if I stay for 3 nights, my third night is free and I also get 33% discount. Am I correct?

  • Ric Garrido June 9, 2010

    No, I mean that a third night free rate is a 33% discount.

    Since some of the rates are advertised on the Starwood site as 20% (two nights) and 25% (five nights or longer), I wanted to show mathematically that 3rd night free and two nights free on six stay night stay is a 33% discount and 4th night free is a 25% overall discount.

    Having said that, the reality is these multi-night discount rates are based on higher rates than the lowest rate generally available. For example a $160 night best available rate (BAR) discounted 25% is $120 per night.

    It is common to find a AAA rate or other special offer that may be $100 per night and a prepaid nonrefundable rate around $109.

    Other times the AAA rate will be $130 and the prepaid rate $140 per night and the multi-night discount is the best deal.

    Comparing different rate types is essential since these multi-night discounts are not always the lowest rates around for the Starwood Hotel on those dates.

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