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Global tourism up in 2017, but USA down

UNWTO, United Nations World Tourism Organization, held a news conference last week in Madrid to report global travel increased 7% in 2017 to 1.322 billion international arrivals. This was the strongest global tourism performance in 7 years. Europe up 8% in 2017 to 671 million international arrivals. Southern Europe and Mediterranean region up 13% and…

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International visitors to USA decline in 2017

Visit USA Coalition was launched this week as a travel industry trade groups partnership to work with the Trump administration to reverse the decline over the past two years in trips by international visitors to the USA. U.S. Travel Association industry data was used to create some charts to highlight the issue of declining tourism…

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Elevator Talk

New York Times published a news article last week on the state of the hotel industry, “Terrible Timing for a Hotel Boom”. Some interesting data: –         Across the USA occupancy levels are down 5% from 2007. –         New York City is the nation’s bright spot with high hotel rates and high occupancy.  Foreign tourism is…

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