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SFO–IST $748 Air France Premium Economy

San Francisco to Istanbul roundtrip SFO-IST $748 Air France Premium Economy is a fare I looked up after reading The Flight Deal and View from the Wing mentioning Chicago ORD – Istanbul IST, Turkey for $528 round trip in premium economy with 100% miles earning. San Francisco has the same deal for about $200 more…

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Virgin America Sale SFO prices

This is day two of a Virgin America 3-day sale to celebrate its 7th Anniversary. Here are sample Virgin America sale SFO prices for travel Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays Aug. 26 – Feb. 11. Book by 11:59pm Central Time Thursday August 7. Sample one-way fares from San Francisco, including tax: Portland PDX $57 Las Vegas…

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Final Day of International Pow Wow 2011

SFO airport co-sponsored last night’s International Pow Wow 2011 travel market-place evening gala at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  Honestly, the museums were far too crowded and loud for my pleasure, but I truly enjoyed the entertainment and Planetarium show. The Planetarium is an incredible visual journey to the molecular level and then to vast space. The…

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