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Eyewitness Report – Beer seen in Utah

My wife’s family left California during the last millennium for Colorado. I endured years of family visits to Denver with weird beer laws like no beer sales in supermarkets or alcohol sales in stores on Sunday. Over time the laws in Colorado changed. These days Colorado stores even sell marijuana on Sundays. Utah still has…

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Making TRAX around #SLC

Some common misconceptions held by those of us who have never visited Salt Lake City, Utah are nearly all people in SLC are Mormons, you can’t buy alcohol and Utah voters will once again vote 73% for Romney as President 2016. While I can’t predict the future election results, the first two assumptions are not…

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Salt Lake City mountain vistas

Two of the past three winter days in Salt Lake City offered blue skies and January temperatures in the 40s for comfortable walking around the city. Salt Lake City is located in a valley between two high mountain ranges with the Wasatch Mountains to the east and the Oquirrh Mountains to the west. Both of…

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A Pagan in Temple Square

Temple Square is the site of Salt Lake Temple, where Brigham Young through divine inspiration designated the construction of a temple four days after arriving at Salt Lake from Nauvoo, Illinois. Salt Lake Temple is a beautiful piece of architecture built by Mormon pioneers over 40 years from 1853 and 1893. Arriving at Temple Square…

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