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Marriott Rewards PointSavers to December 31, 2014

Marriott Rewards PointSavers are discount reward nights at participating hotels for specific dates. The deal is the member pays the points rate for one category level lower than the standard reward for the participating hotel. A category 6 hotel at 30,000 points is 25,000 points with the PointSavers rate. There are only 13 hotels on…

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Slim selection for Marriott PointSavers

PointSavers are one of the few Marriott Rewards hotel discounts besides 5th fight free for award stays on points. PointSavers reduce the cost of an award night by one category level. This means a category 6 hotel normally 30,000 points per night will be 25,000 points per night with PointSavers. The 5th night free discount…

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Better Know a Reward: Marriott PointSavers

Marriott Rewards PointSavers discount the cost of a reward night by one category level. For example, a category 6 hotel at 30,000 points is only 25,000 points for a PointSavers reward night. The number of participating hotels in the current PointSavers list is disappointly low with fewer than 50 of 3,600 hotels worldwide offering a…

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Marriott PointSavers April 2011 Hotel List

Marriott Rewards PointSavers discount the cost of a hotel reward night by one category level.  PointSavers are available only at select hotels at any given time. There are currently 45 hotels listed with PointSavers dates. A Marriott  PointSavers Reward at a category 5 hotel only requires the category 4 reward price – 20,000 points instead of…

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Best Marriott PointSavers Offer Ever!

Marriott Rewards PointSavers Plus offers a rebate on discounted reward nights using points between September 9, 2009 and January 15, 2010. The title of this post is Marriott’s promotional phrase, not my original superlative phrase. Register online by January 15, 2010 or call 1-801-468-4000. Stay eligibility is retroactive for PointSaver nights redeemed during the promotional period.…

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