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Five Ista Hotels in India rebranding as Hyatt

Ista Hotels has an agreement with Hyatt to rebrand the five hotels in India as Hyatt Hotels by March 2013. Hyatt Bangalore Hyatt Pune Hyatt Hyderabad Hyatt Ahmedabad Hyatt Amritsar The five Ista hotels are fully operational, business travel hotels in prime locations. The rebranded hotels will increase Hyatt’s presence from 10 business hotels and…

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New DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels around the globe

DoubleTree Hotels are Hilton’s upscale brand acquired in 1999. There are currently more than 250 DoubleTree Hotels around the globe with most located in the U.S. The hotel brand’s best known feature is the chocolate chip cookie guests receive at check-in. In my experience DoubleTree Hotels are more variable in property standards than other Hilton brands with many of the hotels being…

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