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Whale of a show at Point Lobos

Humpback whales are hanging around the central coast this month in their summer feeding grounds around Monterey Bay. This week has been the best shoreline whale watching experiences since July 2014 when a similar oceanic event happened around these parts of the California central coast. I typically see ten or more whales every time I…

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Whale Watching Tours Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay has been the source of news stories recently for the abundance of whales residing locally these past couple months while feeding on an unusually large number of anchovies. So yesterday, on the coldest day of 2013 when the temperature did not even reach 50 F. in Monterey, I embarked on a whale watching…

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See Whales and Sea Lions in Monterey

Blue Whale sightings are at high numbers for Monterey Bay. Whales in the central coast area of California this past month are reported to be the most seen in the past decade in Monterey Bay. Here is an amazing closeup of Blue whales and Humpback whales taken three days ago from one of Monterey’s whale…

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