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LHW 1928 RIP

LHW 1928 RIP The Good News: Some people got the $19.28 rate for a luxury hotel during the revamped 1928 promotion last Thursday. The Bad News: I wasn’t among the lucky.  Although Lucky, BoardingArea.com blogger of “One Mile at a Time,” was successful.  His online name fits. Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) promoted their…

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Leading Hotels of the World – LHW1928 Update

LHW CEO and President Ted Teng sent out an email update to the registrants for the LHW 1928 promotion. www.lhw.com/1928status will go live on Monday, October 13 and provide promotion updates.  Only previously registered participants are being sent the email. The new promotion details will be announced by Friday, October 17, 2008 and the promotion should…

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LHW 1928 Promotion Saga – LHW Response

LHW 1928 Promotion Saga – LHW Emails Respond to Promotion Disaster The power of a social network site was demonstrated with the rapid fire posting of information yesterday on the FlyerTalk LHW 1928 thread (page 51 is when LHW responds to promotion meltdown).  Interspersed between the whines and calls for lawyers were cogent posts from an…

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LHW 1928 Sale – Computer Says No

LHW 1928 Sale – Computer Says No Carol Beer, the sketch character played by David Walliams on the TV show Little Britain, couldn’t have done a better job inflaming the angry passion of would-be luxury hotel travelers attempting to get a good hotel deal. Carol Beer’s primary response dealing with customers awaiting a reply to…

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