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San Francisco Hotel Rewards Map

San Francisco is an expensive hotel city. Too expensive for many travelers to stay very long. Hotel loyalty points can soften the blow, but even with points you need a large balance to pay the high prices for free reward nights. San Francisco is a city where low season dates November to March with low…

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Changed SPG category changes for 2012

SPG posted a link to a pdf list of Starwood Hotels changing category for 2012 on February 16, 2012 on this FlyerTalk thread with changes taking effect on March 1. Turns out that several hotels listed on the originally published list from Starwood Hotels did not actually change category, mostly hotels that were listed as going down, and some hotels…

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Club Carlson Category 3 Hotel Rewards Analysis

Club Carlson category-3 saw the largest growth of the six hotel reward categories with 370 hotels or about 35% of Carlson Hotels worldwide. There were 115 hotels in the USA in category-3 in GoldPoints Plus before Club Carlson and there are now 295 Category-3 hotels. A large number of formerly category-2 hotels at 25,000 points are…

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