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HHonors Reward Analysis Boston 2013

The changes to Hilton HHonors with new reward categories, variable and peak season rates on March 28, 2013 makes this a good time to look at hotel reward rates in five U.S. cities. My objective is to show the comparative value of HHonors points in different cities with different HHonors award types. I read a…

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Hilton HHonors Removes Award Stays Blackout Dates

2008 hotel outlook looking brighter with no blackouts at Hilton http://www.hiltonhhonors.com/landingpages/nobods.aspx Conrad Hotel Bangkok, Thailand Since my article last month, “Money for Nothing (But MY MTV)” railing about the stock market outlook and recession, the R word has been bandied about the hotel trade journals and mainstream media. Budget hotels are all the buzz. New brands…

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