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Monterey is about the weather, or general lack of extreme weather.

Long before premium class flights bought with frequent flyer miles and hotel suites redeemed on points, my passion has been weather. Specifically, extreme weather. I am a weather geek. Monterey has had extreme weather the past two days. Other places

Pacific Grove Coastal California Scenery

Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach are the western front of the Monterey Peninsula. Pacific Grove is the northwestern portion and Pebble Beach is the southwestern portion of the arm of forested land reaching out into the Pacific Ocean of Monterey

HVC sales sullies Hyatt Carmel Highlands stay

My hotel stay mistakes are relatively infrequent in recent years. The dumbest mistake I ever made was on our 1989 honeymoon in London and thinking a hotel mini-bar was free. Somehow free booze on the Pan Am flight translated in my jet-lagged head to free

At Home He’s a Tourist: Cannery Row photo walk

This year we are staying home in Monterey for the holiday season and welcoming family to our locale. That means hotel stays, restaurant dinners and outdoor activities. Our ten day weather forecast for the Monterey Peninsula shows no rain and

Why visit Monterey and Hyatt Carmel Highlands in December?

December is my favorite month around Monterey, California.  Winter on the Central Coast of California between rainy season storms typically has air so clear that my eyes are amazed by the crisp definition of color in sea and sand and rocky coast.  The lines of mountain ridges visible

See Whales and Sea Lions in Monterey

Blue Whale sightings are at high numbers for Monterey Bay. Whales in the central coast area of California this past month are reported to be the most seen in the past decade in Monterey Bay. Here is an amazing closeup

Hyatt Gold Passport Instant Platinum elite and 15 Night Diamond Qualification

Receive instant Platinum elite for 180 days with only a 5 night requirement to maintain Platinum elite membership through February 2012. Diamond elite through February 2012 can be earned with 15 nights within 180 days of enrollment. Register online or

In the heart of the Hyatt Carmel Highlands Inn

Two weeks ago there was snow in Seattle, snow in Las Vegas, snow in New York, and an arctic ice blast in Denver. Hyatt Highlands Inn room fireplace is prepared and just requires a match to start Two weeks ago

Reviewing the Reviewers – a TripAdvisor Analysis

I like TripAdvisor. Where else can I find hundreds of reviews of a hotel in one place with a popularity ranking system? The more I use TripAdvisor, the more frequently I notice some limitations of the service. Two issues have

$8 Cups of Beer! Pinch Me, I’m Luxuriating.

Hyatt Highlands Inn, Carmel Highlands, California An article I read today about Leading Hotels of the World members stated average room rate for 2007 was $470 per night for these luxury hotel members. $8 Cups of Beer! Pinch Me,