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ITB Berlin 2013–travel the world in a day

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened ITB Berlin Tuesday night, March 5. The realization came to me that the world is a vast place as I walked for hours through convention halls looking at displays and meeting tourism representatives. ITB Berlin

Monterey Wharf #2 sea otter and pup photos

Over the weekend I saw a sea otter mom and her pup hanging out by Monterey Wharf #2. Saturday was a late-spring day in Monterey with the weather temperature in the 60s and the fog evaporated by noon, providing refreshing

Driving California’s Pacific Edge on Big Sur Coast

Big Sur is a place, a region, a destination, a mindset, a way of life. Big Sur is Highway 1, the Santa Lucia Mountains, hairpin road turns and crumbling rocky hillsides where cliffs drop to the sea; sometimes taking the

Pacific Grove Coastal California Scenery

Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach are the western front of the Monterey Peninsula. Pacific Grove is the northwestern portion and Pebble Beach is the southwestern portion of the arm of forested land reaching out into the Pacific Ocean of Monterey

Summery Winter Day in Monterey

January is one of the best months of the year to visit Monterey, if you are lucky enough to be here between rain storms. Statistically the least days of fog occur in the months of January and February with about