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Ireland Summers 1997-98

Summer 1997 Kelley and I traveled to Ireland for five weeks. Our honeymoon in 1989 had been two weeks in London and Edinburgh. This was our first trip to Ireland. Either Let’s Go, Lonely Planet or Rough Guide had a

Coronado Beach in a dry December

Coronado Island is the southern entrance to San Diego Harbor. Coronado is often called an island, yet it is not actually an island. The southern approach to Coronado is about ten miles along an isthmus strip of sandy beach connecting

Too Cute: Elephant Seal Pup

An elephant seal rookery is located about 85 miles south of Monterey and 50 miles north of San Luis Obispo on Highway 1, the coast road of Big Sur. This is probably the most accessible spot in California to see

Accenture Survey finds low level of hotel loyalty

Accenture Hospitality’s Global Consumer Pulse Research indicates there is a low level of loyalty to any one hotel brand as indicated by their survey of nearly 13,000 customers in 32 countries. 41% of customers state finding travel deals is their

Pacific Grove and the Sea Around Us

Monterey Bay is a world famous vacation destination. There are around 200 hotels and B&Bs within ten miles of Monterey. Landscapes, seascapes, marine mammals and pine forest are outdoors attractions. Regularly I take a walk, snap some photos and show

Snuffy the Seal, sea otters and Shark Reef

Discovery Channel Shark Week and Snuffy the Seal This week is Shark Week on Discovery Channel. ‘Snuffy the Seal’ commercial for Shark Week caught Kelley’s attention. Kelley is an animal lover and still she enjoyed the commercial. Apparently there has

Loyalty Traveler July 2013 annotated post list

Here is a list of all the Loyalty Traveler post titles with a brief description of the post content for July 2013. This provides readers a recap of posts you might have missed. July 2013 Loyalty Traveler posts July 1

Hiking the Million Dollar View from Hyatt Highlands Inn at Point Lobos State Reserve, California

This article is not a review of the Hyatt Highlands Inn in the Carmel Highlands of Central Coast California. This is a photo essay of the hike I took at Point Lobos State Reserve, the park seen from the windows

Shore Whalers History at Point Lobos State Park, California

Point Lobos State Park is six miles south of where I live in Monterey, California. In the mid-19th century, from about 1861 to 1882, some 250 whales were processed at Whalers Cove in Point Lobos State Park. Whales were slaughtered

Monterey in springtime, California sea lions

Summer is a great time of year for travelers visiting many places. Monterey, California is not necessarily one of those places that is best visited in summer. Don’t get me wrong. We love our summer tourist season. The weather is