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Loyalty Traveler Travels

This is a collection of posts from countries and states, cities, hotels, airports, parks and museums where I have traveled on Loyalty Traveler trips in the past few years. September 2016 London – Slovakia – Austria trip report, September 2016 Slovakia

Whale of a show at Point Lobos

Humpback whales are hanging around the central coast this month in their summer feeding grounds around Monterey Bay. This week has been the best shoreline whale watching experiences since July 2014 when a similar oceanic event happened around these parts

Santa Barbara County ruptured pipeline oil spill disaster dumps over 100,000 gallons at beaches

California had an environmental marine disaster yesterday when a ruptured oil pipeline that runs along the Santa Barbara County coastline leaked for several hours with tens of thousands of gallons of oil reaching Refugio State Beach three days before the

Point Lobos is my mistress

Point Lobos is my mistress. At least that is what my wife claims. She accuses me at times of spending more time with Point Lobos in her part of the woods than here at home in our part of the

Tour of California cycling race in Monterey

Travel got me into cycling races. Summer travel to Europe was the specific catalyst for an interest in road cycling due to the one constant every July for three weeks is Tour de France. Lance Armstrong, superstar, superdoped athlete was

San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf tourist zone

This week I had my first ever stay at the Radisson Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. The hotel is across the street from the famous Pier 39 and restaurants at Fisherman’s Wharf. This area has ferries for touring the San

Last day 2013 for earning and burning free nights

December 31st and the last day to earn my IHG Big Win credits and burn my free Radisson hotel night earned in 2012 from the Club Carlson 1+1 promotion. I was successful in both tasks. Holiday Inn San Jose Airport

Gray whale travelers have arrived near Monterey

A woman from Iowa standing next to me on the granite rock outcrop at the westernmost point of Point Lobos State Park asked me if I still feel a special excitement as a local resident when I see whales around

Whale Watching Tours Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay has been the source of news stories recently for the abundance of whales residing locally these past couple months while feeding on an unusually large number of anchovies. So yesterday, on the coldest day of 2013 when the

See Life in Monterey

Monterey has had gorgeous weather the past couple weeks. These are the September days when the 24-hour temperature range is typically 60 as a low at 5am in the morning and around 70 to 74 as a high in daytime