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That season again…and not talking taxes

April is harbor seal pup season in Monterey County, California. The coast of Monterey is a great place for seeing marine life in the ocean without getting on a boat. My great fortune is I live here. January is grey

SeaWorld Orlando and marine mammal intelligence on cue

SeaWorld Orlando was the site of one of the IPW 2015 Orlando convention evening events this week. All the photos in this article are my own photos from Central Coast California and SeaWorld Orlando performances. This week was the first

Too cute harbor seal pups and sea otter pup turns 50 days old

April in Monterey, California means harbor seal pups. These little pups of blubber come out on some beaches around the Monterey area for a month of growing on mother’s milk. My impression is harbor seals do not like to touch

Canals of Paddington London

Paddington is an intersection of London history where 200 year old canals abut high rise, high tech modernity in a global city center. Seven days walking around London and about a mile of riverfront along the Thames was the primary

Point Lobos is my mistress

Point Lobos is my mistress. At least that is what my wife claims. She accuses me at times of spending more time with Point Lobos in her part of the woods than here at home in our part of the

Last Day Monterey 2014 photo essay

New Year’s Eve started in some ways like a typical tourist day in Monterey since I went to the Holiday Inn Express Monterey Bay for my shower, breakfast and to pick up the hotel folio for Kelley’s fourth IHG Rewards

Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk in County Wicklow Ireland

My Ireland send-off was to experience a cool cloudless day, all day. That is a rare event in my 60 or so days on the island. This was the perfect day to hike the Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk in

Tour of California cycling race in Monterey

Travel got me into cycling races. Summer travel to Europe was the specific catalyst for an interest in road cycling due to the one constant every July for three weeks is Tour de France. Lance Armstrong, superstar, superdoped athlete was

My Monterey: April is seal pupping month, keep off their beaches

Loyalty Traveler is about enjoying life. Even more enjoyable than finding hotel discounts this week for my upcoming road trip from Jacksonville, Florida to Norfolk, Virginia have been the hours I spent on a beach cliff at Point Lobos Whalers

Hearst Castle San Simeon, five tours, which one to choose

Last week I drove 95 miles south on Highway 1 from my home in Monterey, California to Hearst Castle. Leaving at noon and making the drive in a little more than 2 hours meant no stops for scenic photographs and