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Iceland seal population in rapid decline. Seal pup season in Monterey, California

Two weeks ago when I was in Iceland, I read the Icelandic harbour seal population has declined by 77% since 1980, when the first aerial seal count estimated a population at 33,000 animals. A 2011 census estimated 11,000 to 12,000

That season again…and not talking taxes

April is harbor seal pup season in Monterey County, California. The coast of Monterey is a great place for seeing marine life in the ocean without getting on a boat. My great fortune is I live here. January is grey

SeaWorld Orlando and marine mammal intelligence on cue

SeaWorld Orlando was the site of one of the IPW 2015 Orlando convention evening events this week. All the photos in this article are my own photos from Central Coast California and SeaWorld Orlando performances. This week was the first

Qatar Airways Globetrotter 100,000 bonus Qmiles low fare routes

Qatar Airways is a Oneworld Alliance member airline along with British Airways and American Airlines. Qatar Airways Globetrotter promotion runs from April through December 2015 for an opportunity to earn 100,000 bonus Qmiles in Qatar Privileges by visiting four destination

Qatar Airways Globetrotter 100,000 bonus miles. Doha 2015 mileage runs baby!

Oneworld Alliance airline member Qatar Airways has a Qatar Privileges Globetrotter 100,000 bonus miles promotion from April to December 2015. This promotion looks like a good opportunity to me and had me checking Qatar Airways flight routes and fares today

Pinned to my seat by Strongman for a 12 hour FRA-SFO flight

The North America Strongman Master’s National Championships are being held in the Las Vegas Convention Center today. These are the kind of people who can carry the beer keg down the stairs and across the yard for you when you

Pacific Grove and the Sea Around Us

Monterey Bay is a world famous vacation destination. There are around 200 hotels and B&Bs within ten miles of Monterey. Landscapes, seascapes, marine mammals and pine forest are outdoors attractions. Regularly I take a walk, snap some photos and show

Monterey in springtime, California sea lions

Summer is a great time of year for travelers visiting many places. Monterey, California is not necessarily one of those places that is best visited in summer. Don’t get me wrong. We love our summer tourist season. The weather is

Pacific Grove: Rivers of flowers to the sea; Fort Ord: my birthplace National Monument

I like to talk up the place I live – the Monterey Peninsula of Central Coast California. This is another one of my posts that has nothing to do with hotels. This post does share some of the great attractions

Unlucky 13? Not when Point Lobos whale spotting.

Gray whale migration is swimming south this January past the Monterey Peninsula of California’s Central Coast. I walked from Highway 1 into Point Lobos State Reserve around 11:40am and after a little more than a mile walk through the Monterey