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Snuffy the Seal, sea otters and Shark Reef

Discovery Channel Shark Week and Snuffy the Seal This week is Shark Week on Discovery Channel. ‘Snuffy the Seal’ commercial for Shark Week caught Kelley’s attention. Kelley is an animal lover and still she enjoyed the commercial. Apparently there has

Moss Landing, Elkhorn Slough and Sea Otters

Saturday was one of those January days around the Monterey Bay when the 74 degree air temperature and clear skies rival the best days in summer here on the Central Coast of California. An errand took me around Monterey Bay

Monterey Wharf #2 sea otter and pup photos

Over the weekend I saw a sea otter mom and her pup hanging out by Monterey Wharf #2. Saturday was a late-spring day in Monterey with the weather temperature in the 60s and the fog evaporated by noon, providing refreshing

Pacific Grove: Rivers of flowers to the sea; Fort Ord: my birthplace National Monument

I like to talk up the place I live – the Monterey Peninsula of Central Coast California. This is another one of my posts that has nothing to do with hotels. This post does share some of the great attractions

Monterey-Carmel-Big Sur-Santa Cruz

Monterey Allegiant Airlines Monterey’s cheapest flights for tiny packers (May 15, 2019) Monterey in May means seal pups and humpback whales (May 3, 2019) Monterey Bay where the wild things still live (Nov 2, 2018) Monterey Jazz Festival Hotel Reward

Loyalty Traveler Travels

This is a collection of posts from countries and states, cities, hotels, airports, parks and museums where I have traveled on Loyalty Traveler trips over the past decade. My trip reports focus on cost of travel, hotel and flight reviews

Monterey Bay where the wild things still live

Environmental tourism is a major draw of Monterey Bay for visitors from around the world. I meet people from many states and countries when I am out and about viewing and photographing wildlife in the area. Recent science news stories

Monterey or North Wales marine mammal sightings. Who is the big little liar?

In late December Kelley and I were talking to a young college student Russian woman at California Republic Bar in Prague, Czechia. A large photo covered one wall depicting a street scene that looked to me like Los Angeles, circa

Review Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco

Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf is a hotel I stayed in several times over the past decade when it was simply called Hyatt San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf.   Seemed a proper setting to eat our first fresh Dungeness crab of the

San Francisco changed since 2013

Before this week, my last hotel stay in San Francisco was December 2013. The price of hotels in San Francisco priced me out of that city. This Thanksgiving week we stayed at Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf and Best Western Cartwright