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Sea Otter at sunset in Carmel by Frank Lloyd Wright Walker Residence

Carmel on my mind.  Yesterday I finished The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. Hard travelin’ times in California for those folks. The book is truly a stunning experience. Getting myself down to the sea seemed a good recovery strategy

HVC sales sullies Hyatt Carmel Highlands stay

My hotel stay mistakes are relatively infrequent in recent years. The dumbest mistake I ever made was on our 1989 honeymoon in London and thinking a hotel mini-bar was free. Somehow free booze on the Pan Am flight translated in my jet-lagged head to free

Why visit Monterey and Hyatt Carmel Highlands in December?

December is my favorite month around Monterey, California.  Winter on the Central Coast of California between rainy season storms typically has air so clear that my eyes are amazed by the crisp definition of color in sea and sand and rocky coast.  The lines of mountain ridges visible

In the heart of the Hyatt Carmel Highlands Inn

Two weeks ago there was snow in Seattle, snow in Las Vegas, snow in New York, and an arctic ice blast in Denver. Hyatt Highlands Inn room fireplace is prepared and just requires a match to start Two weeks ago

Choice Privileges Buy Points 40% Bonus to April 29, 2022

Choice Privileges has a discount offer for buying points through Friday, April 29, 2022. The best value is 40% bonus points when buying 30,000 or more points.  Choice Privileges points used to be $11.00 per 1,000 points. Now the regular

Would pre-trip illness cancel our trip to Venice?

Almost two years to the day of initiating a mask requirement in California public schools in March 2020, the school where my wife works went mask free. Four days later she came home on Friday with an illness starting to

Best Western points up to 58% more value for stays to 6 Feb 2022

Best Western has brought back another variation of their discount award rates for hotel stays in USA and Canada using points that offers up to a 58% discount on the standard number of points per hotel reward night from December

Are hotels across the USA closing quickly enough to slow the spread of Covid-19?

Hotels across the USA and many other countries have closed or have plans to close down. Recent hotel industry data indicate hotel closures across the USA may not be happening quickly enough. Hotel News Now – Inside weekly US data:

Unlucky 13? Not when Point Lobos whale spotting.

Gray whale migration is swimming south this January past the Monterey Peninsula of California’s Central Coast. I walked from Highway 1 into Point Lobos State Reserve around 11:40am and after a little more than a mile walk through the Monterey

Best Western Rewards 56K and 70K is not program’s primary reward devaluation

Best Western Rewards has made its biggest change to reward nights in more than a decade. This article covers three different aspects of the changes. The most reported change is the introduction of new high end reward rates at 56,000