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SPG Hot Escapes hotels are hard to search

The new format with SPG Hot Escapes combining limited time offers for discount hotel rates that were previously known as Starpicks and Beat the Timer needs some improved navigation tools. Does SPG have the objective to increase the time stayed on

SPG Hot Escapes has 128 hotel discounts this week

The SPG Hot Escapes site is live this week with 128 hotel offers for stays over the next six weeks. These discount rates must be booked by this Saturday, October 12 before midnight local time for the hotel being booked. 

So Long, So Cal

My headache subsided as we reached the sea air of the city of Ventura around noon Sunday. The morning coastal fog was a little less brown traveling out of Los Angeles County. SoCal is so crowded. Truly. It is a

Haunted Hotel or Singapore Changi Madness?

This story and travelogue is my contribution to Angela Nickerson’s Just Go Blogapalooza invitation.  Last month I wrote about Twitter after being at BlogWorld 08 in Las Vegas.  I had never heard of Twitter before last month.  I signed up and

The Write Stuff, For Free?

street artist work in Victoria, British Columbia (August 2007) “Now me I play for fortunesAnd those velvet curtain callsI’ve got a black limousineAnd two gentlemenEscorting me to the halls And I play if you have the moneyOr if you’re a