Sep 2015 Malmo, Sweden and Brno, Czechia

Malmo, Sweden (AA ExPlat challenge Europe Trip 1)


  1. First impressions of Malmo, Sweden
  2. Humanitarianism is the serious side of Sweden
  3. Sweden 2.8 beer is great at Scandinavian average prices
  4. Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance Malmo, Sweden food alone worth 8,000 points
Brno, Czech Republic (AA ExPlat challenge Europe Trip 1)


  1. Impressions of Brno, Czech Republic
  2. Moravian Karst caves near Brno and why you will never see a tour like this in the USA
  3. Price of travel in Brno, Czech Republic
  4. Outside looking in Brno, Czech Republic
  5. Holiday Inn Brno, Czech Republic
  6. Student Agency cheap bus travel in and out of Czech Republic