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Radisson Blu Plaza Oslo Norway

Oslo has three Radisson Blu hotels in the city center. Radisson Blu Plaza Oslo is adjacent to the city train station. Radisson Blu Scandinavia Oslo is about 1.6 km or one mile from the train station. I did not see Radisson Blu Park Hotel Oslo. Radisson Blu Plaza is near the train station supermarket and…

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The King’s Royal Guards in Oslo

A pleasant surprise in Norway was walking to a large yellow building on the hill in the center of Oslo. The statue is what first grabbed my attention. The statue is King Karl Johan XIV King of Sweden and Karl Johan III, King of Norway (1763-1844). Yeah, one man was king of both countries with…

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Hunger in Oslo. Prices? What Prices!

“Norwegians are always in a rush and have too much money” is how a Canadian born man explained to me why nearly all the flyers traveling to Oslo Central Station were buying the Flytoget express train tickets for 170 NOK ($29.75 USD) rather than NSB local train tickets for 90 NOK ($15.75 USD). Kiosk for…

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