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Lovers Point Park in Pacific Grove

Lovers Point is one of the most popular coastline destinations in Pacific Grove. The park offers visitors a beach, sand volleyball court, kids wading pool (seasonal) and a rocky outcrop for climbing around.   There used to be two restaurants next to the park, but both are currently out of business. This is some of…

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Pacific Grove Coastal California Scenery

Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach are the western front of the Monterey Peninsula. Pacific Grove is the northwestern portion and Pebble Beach is the southwestern portion of the arm of forested land reaching out into the Pacific Ocean of Monterey Bay. This photo was taken during a flight out of Monterey Airport (MRY) in 2010 and…

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Summery Winter Day in Monterey

January is one of the best months of the year to visit Monterey, if you are lucky enough to be here between rain storms. Statistically the least days of fog occur in the months of January and February with about 6 days based on records from 1951 to 2006. On the other hand, the Monterey…

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See Whales and Sea Lions in Monterey

Blue Whale sightings are at high numbers for Monterey Bay. Whales in the central coast area of California this past month are reported to be the most seen in the past decade in Monterey Bay. Here is an amazing closeup of Blue whales and Humpback whales taken three days ago from one of Monterey’s whale…

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Hyatt Regency Monterey Photo Album

The Monterey pines on the ridge between Monterey and Carmel darkly dot the tree covered hills like a Monet painting. Muted sunlight filters through the rolling fog on the upper part of the landscape and various shades of golf course green lay the foundation of this Monterey Peninsula natural canvas.  The window I am looking…

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