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Hotel Rate Tricks for July 4 Weekend

Hotels call it “revenue management” and we frequent guests call it the “room rate”. I started this article in response to a New York Times Practical Traveler article “Hotels: Fewer Deals but Low Rates” published this week. My initial reaction was to think 2010 actually has better hotel loyalty program promotion deals than last year.…

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Global Positioning of Hotel Chains

  Bill Marriott (of Marriott Hotels) wrote a blog post last week, “Weathering Turbulent Times” in which he states “business outside of North America is terrific – and that’s where over 60% of our new full-service hotels will be built.”  I frequently see articles about large international contracts for new hotels in India, China, and…

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Hyatt Diamond elite with a little R&R on the side

Club Regency, Hyatt Regency on the Embarcadero San Francisco I have qualified for Hyatt Diamond Status This past weekend I completed my 25th eligible stay for Diamond elite Hyatt Gold Passport status. Plus, I saw Bruce Springsteen put on another high energy show Saturday night in San Jose (tickets I won from KFOG 104.5 driving…

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The SIN of Travel – a Mileage Run Primer

SIN is Singapore, Changi Airport. Loyalty Travelers based in the United States learn that Singapore is the farthest destination in flight miles a person can easily fly to from the USA on a variety of carriers and have an easy and affordable experience. Singapore generally requires a US-Japan-Singapore routing and this is an 8,444 mile…

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