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Santa Monica imposes Airbnb restrictions

The City Council of Santa Monica voted 7-0 yesterday to impose some of the toughest short-term rental regulations in California. No rentals of entire units for less than 30 days. Homesharing is allowed provided the resident occupant obtains a city business license and pays 14% hotel tax on rentals. The primary issue is Airbnb accounts…

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Hotel Promotions July 2012 Guide

July 2012 promotions from Top Ten hotel loyalty programs: Links to my Loyalty Traveler posts provide more detail and promotion analysis for each offer. Most hotel loyalty promotions are two to four months in duration. The easiest way to quickly see a list of all hotel loyalty promotions discussed on Loyalty Traveler is to check…

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LHW 1928 RIP

LHW 1928 RIP The Good News: Some people got the $19.28 rate for a luxury hotel during the revamped 1928 promotion last Thursday. The Bad News: I wasn’t among the lucky.  Although Lucky, BoardingArea.com blogger of “One Mile at a Time,” was successful.  His online name fits. Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) promoted their…

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