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Starwood Hotels – 2011 brand size and rates

Starwood Hotels released its 2011 Q-4 financial report for investors February 2. My interest is seeing the number of hotels in each Starwood brand and the average rates globally. Starwood Hotels has grown to 1,090 hotels worldwide. Aloft brand has the lowest average rates at just over $100 and Four Points hotels are slightly more at…

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Sep142010 Hotel Price Index 2010-Q2 findings

“Consumers should remember that hotel affordability across the world has not been this good since 2004.” – David Roche, President Hotel Price Index is a good report for the frequent guest to gauge global hotel prices and price changes over the past year. There are many tables and graphs for the reader accompanied…

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Hotel Rates Today are Lower than 2004

So why is my hotel award so much more? has released their 7th annual Hotel Price Index (HPI). This Expedia owned company has extensive hotel data from over 94,000 hotels in 16,000 locations globally, providing comprehensive data on the state of the hotel industry. This is a fantastic resource for hotel rate data. There…

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STR Hotel Industry Forecast for U.S. 2010

Smith Travel Research in Hendersonville, TN is one of the leading hotel industry data reporters.  Last week the company published its 2010 hotel industry forecast. In the first month of 2010 the company is predicting hotel occupancy will remain flat in 2010 and finish the year at 55.1%. This is after an 8.7% drop in…

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Why Are Hotel Loyalty Programs Being So Generous?

If you think being underwater $100,000 on your home mortgage is bad, imagine trying to sleep at night thinking about how your $400 million hotel investment has lost $100 million in value with the real estate crisis of the past two years. The western playground of Scottsdale, Arizona has newly opened hotel properties like the…

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Hotel and Airline Articles I’ve Read Lately

Coach Air Travelers to Pay for Premium-class Excess? Joe Brancatelli has a great read from the Washington Post on the long term outlook for air travel.  He predicts the economics of premium cabin extreme makeovers these past few years will result in higher economy class fares for the leisure traveler coming soon as the profitable…

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London Rates Down, and Hotel Guests Too

London average room rate in November 2008 dropped 5.6% to £130 per night from November 2007 rates. For Americans, that comes out to $200USD per night at today’s exchange rate of $1.54 = £ 1.  That sounds expensive , yet compared to November 2007 when the average room rate was over £137 per night and…

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