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Hilton HHonors Points and Money Rewards table

While working on an article on Cash and Points Rewards for Inside Flyer magazine, I find myself closely studying the Hilton HHonors website today. On October 3, 2011 I found a Hilton HHonors Points and Money Rewards chart on the Hilton website and included the chart in my Loyalty Traveler post analyzing HHonors Points & Money Rewards. Within…

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Hyatt vs. SPG Hotel Award Spend Analysis

Tables in this post reveal a significant impact of being a cardmember of the hotel brand credit card for increasing the earn rate of points on hotel stays with Hyatt and Starwood Hotels. This post follows up the Hyatt-SPG Hotel Award Category Distribution tables with different tables showing hotel spend needed for an award in…

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Hilton HHonors Category 2 Hotels International list of 33 hotels

Note: Today’s Loyalty Traveler post on 15 HHonors Category-2 hotels in Europe was accidentally written over yesterday’s post of Hilton HHonors Category-2 Hotels International list of 33 hotels.  This article restores the lost Sunday post and Monday’s article HHonors Europe category-2 hotels article is found in this link. ***** Hilton HHonors category-2 hotels are 10,000 points per…

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Where 35 HHonors Category 1 Hotels Are

Hilton HHonors reduced the cost of Category 1 hotel rewards to only 5,000 points earlier this year. With the current 4x points promotion, a non-elite member can earn 45 points/$1 in hotel spend. Add Amex Surpass credit card payment and this can mean 57 points/$1. October 10-January 31, 2014: More Nights, More Points Double Points…

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