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Hilton HHonors Members Angry over Category Step Up

Hilton HHonors is changing the hotel redemption categories and HHonors elite member VIP Reward Tables January 15, 2010. Discussion on FlyerTalk over the past two weeks with input from HHonors Representative regarding the impending HHonors changes suggests the Hilton HHonors category changes may indeed be across the board with most Hilton brand hotels being repositioned…

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HHonors VIP Rewards 2010 Compared to 2009

How does the 2010 HHonors VIP Redemption Chart compare to the Current HHonors VIP Rewards chart? October 26 Update: I linked to this post in a FlyerTalk thread. There was criticism that this post was misleading and wrong. This table is simply showing the change in points for a HHonors VIP Reward based on any specific…

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Hilton HHonors Dumped Me This Week

Hilton HHonors dumped me this week. After 10 years together my long time friend Hilton HHonors broke off our relationship. BFF best friends forever.   I guess not. Sure I used you over the years. More than I probably should have. Admittedly, I certainly took more than I gave in our relationship. But did you…

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