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Fare Alert Portland PDX to Quito $273 AA

Portland PDX to Quito, Ecuador is available for a few dates Sep-Oct and Jan-Feb for $273 round trip on American Airlines. Most of the flight itineraries force an overnight in Dallas or Phoenix, or weird routings like PDX to Charlotte, then fly back to Dallas for Quito flight or long layovers in Miami. But this…

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Weekend airfare deals still available today to Europe, Asia

There were several low fare deals released over Labor Day holiday weekend you may have missed. California airports to Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Baltic nations, Prague and Budapest are deals still available today. Fare Alert California to Germany-Central Europe $360-$450 all alliances many cities (Sep 2) Delta SFO/SJC to Zurich, Munich, Frankfurt, Basel $463-$527(Sep 3) Oneworld…

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