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SPG Hot Escapes Offers Cold Canada Deals

SPG Hot Escapes offers cold Canada deals this week with 12 hotels in the frozen north, all under $100 per night. From Four Points YVR Vancouver Airport ($76) and Four Points Kamloops ($67) in the western province of BC to Four Points Halifax ($67), Nova Scotia, you can find a hotel room for under $100.…

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Marriott acquires 38 Delta Hotels in Canada

Big news today with the announcement Marriott International has signed a deal to acquire Delta Hotels 38 properties in Canada for about $135 million USD. Delta Hotels & Resorts are located in 30 Canadian cities. The acquisition is expected to be completed in Q2-2015. The deal will make Marriott the largest hotel chain in Canada…

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Starwood Birth Year Rate discounts

One of my favorite Starwood promotions is the Birth Year discount rate. The basic idea is pay full rate for the first night and the second night rate is based on your birth year. Some hotels offer a third night birth year rate, but those seem to be far fewer than in years past. Starwood…

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Beer Academy Toronto Memories

Tegestology is a new word I learned during my visit to the Beer Academy Toronto. Turns out I have been a practicing tegestologist for over 30 years with a significant collection documenting my travel history and beer consumption. I can trace many memories significant to my life through beer. Tegestology is the hobby of collecting…

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