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Trip Report: Christmas Season in Bratislava

Friends asked why go to Bratislava at Christmas time? For those of us whose lives revolve around a school schedule for planning vacations, travel is generally one week at a time, with three separate school breaks during the school year, or summer travel. The only other period of the year to get more than 9…

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Trip Report Bratislava Christmas Markets

First thing to know if visiting Bratislava, Slovakia during the Christmas holiday season is Christmas Eve December 24 is the major holiday for presents and family dinner. Christmas markets begin closing down in the early afternoon December 23. Most businesses are closed on December 24. Only tourist souvenir shops, hotels and a small number of…

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Make the best out of sh**ty cold dark weather

Bratislava. The name simply sounds foreign and Eastern European to my American ears. The number of times I have had to describe the geographic location for my December trip to Vienna, Austria and from there to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, indicates the general lack of map awareness with my friends and family. Bratislava, Slovakia…

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