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Monterey in May means seal pups and humpback whales

Plentiful sunshine is a gift of Monterey in May. These are the weeks before peak summer tourism season days really ramp up and makes driving Highway 1 south to Carmel and Big Sur a drag for local residents. And these are the weeks before the peak summer fog days of June, July and August settle…

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Come see cars, whales and otters in Monterey this week

August is here, which means car week on the Monterey Peninsula during the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance. Tens of thousands of tourists descend on Monterey for this August event. Honestly, I did not even know Concours d’elegance was happening this week in my hometown until I found myself breaking up a race car rally…

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Arctic Norway and whales

Telling travelers and flight crew yesterday that I was returning to San Francisco, California from Arctic Norway evoked an inquisitive response from people interested in a place where relatively few Americans have traveled. “Did you see the northern lights?” – That is more of a late fall and winter months phenomenon. “Was it gorgeous?” –…

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Humpback whales bubble netting off Carmel Beach in July

After 96 hours of us acting incapacitated after 22 days travel, I coaxed Kelley out for a walk at Carmel Beach. The roads were less crowded than anticipated for a perfect 70 degrees Saturday just before noon time in Monterey. Fog looked to be moving in at the ridge on the northwest side of Monterey…

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Humpback whales in our faces at Moss Landing beach

This week locals have been talking about how the humpback whales are close to shore and more visible around Monterey Bay than anyone remembers. Yesterday, for the second time this past week, we set up our chairs on the beach and watched the whale show. The humpback whales in our faces at Moss Landing beach…

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Unlucky 13? Not when Point Lobos whale spotting.

Gray whale migration is swimming south this January past the Monterey Peninsula of California’s Central Coast. I walked from Highway 1 into Point Lobos State Reserve around 11:40am and after a little more than a mile walk through the Monterey pine forest, reached the ocean view around 12 noon. In sight of the sea the…

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Monterey-Carmel-Big Sur-Santa Cruz

Monterey Allegiant Airlines Monterey’s cheapest flights for tiny packers (May 15, 2019) Monterey in May means seal pups and humpback whales (May 3, 2019) Monterey Bay where the wild things still live (Nov 2, 2018) Monterey Jazz Festival Hotel Reward Nights challenge across loyalty programs (Sep 11, 2018) Monterey or North Wales marine mammal sightings.…

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Loyalty Traveler – California

California Travels Sierra Nevada Mountains Rafting Tuolumne River Wilderness with SierraMac. Mark Twain’s legacy in Calaveras County, California jumping frogs at Calaveras County Fair (May 24, 2014) Rafting the Tuolumne River Wilderness (May 24, 2014) 18 miles with Sierra Mac River Trips on Tuolumne Scenic and Wild River downstream from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, Yosemite National Park. On…

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Loyalty Traveler Travels

This is a collection of posts from countries and states, cities, hotels, airports, parks and museums where I have traveled on Loyalty Traveler trips over the past decade. My trip reports focus on cost of travel, hotel and flight reviews and destination descriptions and impressions. Cost of air and hotel travel in 2018. My 2018…

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