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Unlucky 13? Not when Point Lobos whale spotting.

Gray whale migration is swimming south this January past the Monterey Peninsula of California’s Central Coast. I walked from Highway 1 into Point Lobos State Reserve around 11:40am and after a little more than a mile walk through the Monterey pine forest, reached the ocean view around 12 noon. In sight of the sea the…

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Monterey in May means seal pups and humpback whales

Plentiful sunshine is a gift of Monterey in May. These are the weeks before peak summer tourism season days really ramp up and makes driving Highway 1 south to Carmel and Big Sur a drag for local residents. And these are the weeks before the peak summer fog days of June, July and August settle…

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Best Western free night after two stays Feb 4-April 14

Best Western Rewards has a free night after two stays promotion running February 4 to April 14, 2019. There is a limit of one free night per member for this offer. Stays at any Best Western brand hotel worldwide are eligible for USA, Canada and Caribbean resident members of Best Western Rewards. The weakest aspect…

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Monterey Bay where the wild things still live

Environmental tourism is a major draw of Monterey Bay for visitors from around the world. I meet people from many states and countries when I am out and about viewing and photographing wildlife in the area. Recent science news stories indicate 60% of the world’s mammals have been wiped out since 1970. That is around…

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Monterey or North Wales marine mammal sightings. Who is the big little liar?

In late December Kelley and I were talking to a young college student Russian woman at California Republic Bar in Prague, Czechia. A large photo covered one wall depicting a street scene that looked to me like Los Angeles, circa 1960. We mentioned to her our hometown of Monterey is a tourist town popular for…

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Come see cars, whales and otters in Monterey this week

August is here, which means car week on the Monterey Peninsula during the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance. Tens of thousands of tourists descend on Monterey for this August event. Honestly, I did not even know Concours d’elegance was happening this week in my hometown until I found myself breaking up a race car rally…

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Pacific Grove, California has wonderful May days

The Monterey Peninsula gets some serious tourism with a couple million visitors throughout the year. Tourism here peaks June to August, but May is still relaxing for me in the weeks before the crowds pick up and travelers fill the coastal walking paths. As a local Monterey resident, I headed three miles down the coast…

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Iceland seal population in rapid decline. Seal pup season in Monterey, California

Two weeks ago when I was in Iceland, I read the Icelandic harbour seal population has declined by 77% since 1980, when the first aerial seal count estimated a population at 33,000 animals. A 2011 census estimated 11,000 to 12,000 seals. The most recent aerial census in summer 2016 estimated 7,700 seals. Icelandic researchers state…

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Why Santa Maria is a good hotel stop for California coast drive San Francisco to L.A.

Tens of thousands of tourists over the next few months will drive the coastline of California along State Route 1, aka Highway 1 or Pacific Coast Highway or PCH. The drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, staying mostly on Highway 1 is over 400 miles and around a ten hour drive with no stops.…

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That season again…and not talking taxes

April is harbor seal pup season in Monterey County, California. The coast of Monterey is a great place for seeing marine life in the ocean without getting on a boat. My great fortune is I live here. January is grey whale migration when thousands of whales pass by Monterey on their way to breeding waters…

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