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Wild Sea Otter pup born in Monterey Bay Aquarium tide pool this weekend

During a weekend of wild weather in coastal California with 20% of our annual average rainfall in Monterey falling over the past three days in a one-two El Nino storm punch, nature continued on in the coastal waters as a pregnant sea otter hauled out on the rocks in the Monterey Bay Aquarium open ocean…

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Too cute harbor seal pups and sea otter pup turns 50 days old

April in Monterey, California means harbor seal pups. These little pups of blubber come out on some beaches around the Monterey area for a month of growing on mother’s milk. My impression is harbor seals do not like to touch each other. They keep their space and when a little nursing pup can’t get milk…

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Rare sea otter twin pups at Point Lobos State Reserve

Yesterday I was on a mission to find sea otter pups. This is the peak of the annual birthing season, although sea otters give birth any month of the year. Finding a Southern sea otter is not necessarily an easy task around the Monterey Peninsula. There are fewer than 3,000 otters along 200 miles of…

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Snuffy the Seal, sea otters and Shark Reef

Discovery Channel Shark Week and Snuffy the Seal This week is Shark Week on Discovery Channel. ‘Snuffy the Seal’ commercial for Shark Week caught Kelley’s attention. Kelley is an animal lover and still she enjoyed the commercial. Apparently there has been some backlash to poor Snuffy getting munched by a great white shark on live…

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Sea otters and sea lions on a Monterey Bay February summery day

Friday, February 15 was a day around Monterey Bay to rival weather wise the best days of summer. The day tied the record high temperature at 77 degrees in Moss Landing near the center of Monterey Bay on the central coast of California. That was the official temperature and matched a record from 1977. I…

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Moss Landing, Elkhorn Slough and Sea Otters

Saturday was one of those January days around the Monterey Bay when the 74 degree air temperature and clear skies rival the best days in summer here on the Central Coast of California. An errand took me around Monterey Bay 45 miles on Highway 1 to Santa Cruz yesterday. Highway 1 runs along the coastline,…

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Sea Otter at sunset in Carmel by Frank Lloyd Wright Walker Residence

Carmel on my mind.  Yesterday I finished The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. Hard travelin’ times in California for those folks. The book is truly a stunning experience. Getting myself down to the sea seemed a good recovery strategy from living with the Joads this past week. Seeing Frank Lloyd Wright’s first home design…

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Monterey in May means seal pups and humpback whales

Plentiful sunshine is a gift of Monterey in May. These are the weeks before peak summer tourism season days really ramp up and makes driving Highway 1 south to Carmel and Big Sur a drag for local residents. And these are the weeks before the peak summer fog days of June, July and August settle…

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Come see cars, whales and otters in Monterey this week

August is here, which means car week on the Monterey Peninsula during the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance. Tens of thousands of tourists descend on Monterey for this August event. Honestly, I did not even know Concours d’elegance was happening this week in my hometown until I found myself breaking up a race car rally…

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