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Building my Aegean elite status 9 day mystery trip

This week I have been working on a mystery – constructing a trip around Europe for February-March to earn Aegean Miles+Bonus Star Alliance elite status. There were only two invariable locations for my trip with a start point in Amsterdam

Four benefits flying United Basic Economy domestic as Aegean Gold elite

This week I had my first United Airlines Basic Economy domestic flights as an Aegean Miles+Bonus Gold/Star Alliance Gold elite member. There were four benefits of my flight as an Aegean Star Alliance Gold member. Loyalty Traveler – How I

Missed 2018 Aegean Gold elite by 4,848 Tier Miles. Try Again 2019.

This article explains in detail why I have credited my United Airlines flights to Aegean Miles+Bonus over the past two years and shows how many Aegean elite miles were earned on flights I flew with United, Air Canada, SAS, LOT

Aegean and Turkish Star Alliance elite miles for USA-Asia flights

Aegean Airlines Miles+Bonus and Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles are two of the easiest frequent flyer programs to earn Star Alliance elite status. This post examines elite miles earning comparisons between different Star Alliance airlines for economy class flights between LAX and

Avianca and Copa flights for Aegean and Turkish Star Alliance Gold elite

Travel in the Americas for Star Alliance Gold Elite Avianca Airlines (Colombia) and Copa Airlines (Panama) are two Star Alliance members with flight routes from several U.S. cities to airports in Central America, South America and Caribbean. This post looks

Aegean or Turkish Star Alliance Gold elite on cheap economy tickets

Aegean Airlines Miles+Bonus and Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles have far easier elite qualification for Star Alliance Gold in their frequent flyer programs compared to United Airlines. As a U.S. resident I have membership in both of these two international frequent flyer

SAS Premium Economy tickets for Aegean Star Alliance Gold elite (2 of 2)

This is the second part about earning Star Alliance Gold elite qualification through Aegean Miles+Bonus for a fraction of the spend needed to earn United Mileage Plus elite or Star Alliance Gold elite through most other airline member frequent flyer

LAX to Dublin $485-$625 Aegean Star Alliance elite fares

$600 round trip tickets for LAX to Dublin are not necessarily a great deal in these days of $350 to $450 tickets from California to Europe, unless you want to quickly earn elite status with Star Alliance. I wrote about

Aegean Silver elite and 17,000 miles to Star Alliance Gold

Around one year ago, as American Airlines AAdvantage Executive Platinum, I made the decision to move part of my flights in 2017 from Oneworld to Star Alliance. Since I am a low fare economy class flyer typically flying four to

Trip Report Aegean Airlines Gold elite status progress

I spent this past week flying from Amsterdam to Sofia, Bulgaria to Warsaw and Gdansk, Poland primarily as a way to pick up two Aegean Airlines Miles+Bonus Silver elite qualification flight segments in this Star Alliance member frequent flyer program.