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Review: LOT Warsaw Polonez Business Lounge, WAW Poland

On our November-December 2022 trip to Poland we flew LOT Polish from Gdansk GDN by the Baltic Sea to Krakow KRK in the south of the country for a 10 night stay. LOT Polish round trip tickets Gdansk-Warsaw-Krakow-Warsaw-Gdansk cost 478

Review Westin Warsaw $73 night

Originally I planned to stay at InterContinental Warsaw for an overnight stay as we traveled by bus from Krakow to Warsaw to Torun. Then a promotional offer in May from Marriott for Europe discount rates revealed a price drop at

Copenhagen, Prague, Liberec, Krakow, Warsaw, Torun, Sopot June-July 2019

June-July 2019 Trip Copenhagen-Prague-Liberec-Krakow-Warsaw-Torun-Sopot-Gdansk-Stockholm Our 23-day trip to Europe started with a flight from San Francisco to Copenhagen for a two night stay. We flew to Prague on June 26 for a 9-night stay in the Czech Republic. We flew

Feb 27-March 8, 2019 Barcelona, Warsaw, Crete, Stockholm

A $209 one way ticket flying United Airlines from my California home airport of Monterey MRY to Barcelona via SFO made a trip to Europe in late February an opportunity to finish my two year quest for Aegean Miles+Bonus Gold

Holiday Inn Express Warsaw Airport has been a windfall for cheap IHG bonus points

This summer I have a flight out of Warsaw Airport and I could have booked Holiday Inn Express Warsaw Airport for $39 to pick up 40,000 points with IHG Rewards Club Accelerate 2019 summer promotion. I will be staying in

Tourist photo walk Warsaw City Center

This trip to Warsaw provided me with two days and two nights for walking around the city. Warsaw is a big city and I have seen some of the main tourist sights, yet I still have not seen many of

IHG Free Nights Faster – $291 earned 60,000 points with 3 nights in Warsaw

IHG Free Nights Faster January 15-April 30, 2019 is a promotion requiring completion of member targeted tasks for bonus points. My offer consisted of 6 tasks for 52,550 bonus points. I needed to complete 5 of 6 tasks for an

Tracking Aegean flight path Chania to Warsaw with my iPhone photos

Yesterday I flew Aegean Airlines from Chania, Crete to Athens and Athens to Warsaw with window seats on both flights. Something I was surprised to learn a couple years ago is the file information on photos taken with my iPhone

IHG Free Nights Faster – Stay 2 InterContinental Warsaw $129 earned 12,997 points

InterContinental Warsaw was stay #2 of 3 stays I planned for IHG Rewards Club ‘Free Nights Faster’ promotion to maximize bonus points earned with hotel stays in Warsaw, Poland over the past week. When rates dropped to $99.73 for advance

IHG Free Nights. Faster. Stay 1 Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

Warsaw is the city where I am on track to pick up 3 hotel stays with 3 hotel nights for $300 to earn 43,000+ points. My first of three stays was Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre. This stay completed two