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Review: Hotel Indigo Corso Monforte Milan, Italy

Hotel Indigo Corso Monforte Milan is a terrific location for an easy stroll to Milan Cathedral, Italy’s largest church and one of the most stunning pieces of architecture I have seen. 

Milan Duomo


After touchdown at MXP and a €13 each ticket train ride into the city, followed by a €2.20 Metro ride to San Babila station, we arrived at Hotel Indigo Milan around 10am. Milan Public Transport Tickets website.

Hotel Indigo Milano Corso Monforte


We were unable to check-in and left our luggage while we walked around the city and ate lunch before walking back to the hotel at 13:30 in hopes our room was ready. It was not, so we waited in the lobby falling asleep on a firm couch while staring at the ass of a large giraffe in the hotel atrium.

Giraffe in atrium of Hotel Indigo Milan.


Hotel Indigo Milan lobby couch.


Hotel Indigo Milan lobby and atrium space.


Hotel Indigo Milan lobby and atrium space.


Hotel Indigo Milan lobby and atrium space reflection.


During our walk Kelley commented on how fashionably dressed many of the men and women were in Milan. We passed numerous designer fashion shops walking back to Hotel Indigo from the Duomo.

Our wait seemed worthwhile for a junior suite room upgrade with a window view to the back of the hotel. I’d read complaints about the street noise for rooms on the front side of the hotel. I also have a great dislike for interior atrium rooms, even though the center of Hotel Indigo gets plenty of natural light.

Hotel Indigo Milan Room 404.


Hotel Indigo Milan Brunetta room 404 junior suite.


Hotel Indigo Milan room 404 living room.


Hotel Indigo Milan room 404 living room chairs.


Hotel Indigo Milan living room tub.


Incidentally, there is a bathroom shower too. If we had been in the room for more than one night I am sure one of us would have tried out the tub.

Hotel Indigo Milan bathroom


Hotel Indigo Milan room 404 bathroom.


Hotel Indigo Milan 404 bathroom shower.


Hotel Indigo Milan room 404 rainshower.


Hotel Indigo Milan Culti Milano bath products.


Hotel Indigo Milan room 404 mini-bar and coffee machine in living room cabinet.


Hotel Indigo room 404 dressing mirrors.


Hotel Indigo Milan room 404 entry way closet and luggage rack.

Brunetta Mateldi was the name of one of Milan’s premier fashion reporters (1904-1989). Each of the floors of Hotel Indigo Milan features fashion design illustrations from the past by people who helped establish Milano as a fashion center of the world.

Hotel Indigo Milan Floor 4 Brunetta fashion illustrations in hall.


Hotel Indigo Milan Room 404 bed.


Hotel Indigo Milan room 404 bedroom TV and balcony window.


Hotel Indigo Milan room 404 balcony view.


Hotel Indigo Milan room 404 balcony view at night.


Hotel Indigo Milan bedside lights.


The bed was comfortable after a long day of travel from New York City. My only real complaint about the room was something I had not noticed until it was dark. The only light switches we found in the entire room were at the sides of the bed. When I went to the bathroom the lights automatically turned on. When I left the bathroom, the lights remained on for six minutes. I have light sensitivity when it comes to sleep. I want a dark room. 

We played with the bedside light switches and the setting was all or nothing. When we used the remote for the TV in either room it turned on the TVs in both rooms. 

In the morning the coffee machine in the cabinet had an automatic light that reflected into the bedroom from the cabinet door.

Hotel Indigo Milan room 404 coffee cabinet light.


Automatic lights can be a cool feature, unless you can’t control them. The room lighting was too techno for us.

Hotel Indigo Milan elevator.


Hotel Indigo Milan Breakfast

The breakfast dining space was set up on the opposite side of the atrium from where we were hanging out waiting for our room. 

Hotel Indigo Milan breakfast space.


I found the breakfast at Hotel Indigo Milan disappointing. The first cup of coffee I received was barely warm. I ordered a latte and about 20 minutes later Kelley was finished with breakfast before the good coffee arrived. It was not a crowded restaurant. As I recall there were only five other diners in the place during our breakfast, however, the takeaway cafe connected to the street was constantly filled and may have been the priority for the workers. Kelley and TripAdvisor reviews do not have breakfast complaints.

There were plenty of desserts, limited vegetables, some fruit, scrambled eggs, bread, pastries and stuff. Maybe I was still feeling jet lag and the selection of food choices simply did not appeal to me that morning. There did not appear to be made-to-order breakfast choices available. I did not take photos of the breakfast buffet spread, so I have no visual evidence to remind me what I found lacking, besides the coffee service.

TripAdvisor ranks Hotel Indigo Milan Corso Monforte #69 of 467 hotels in Milan.

Hotel Indigo Milan breakfast tables outside atrium space.


I walked the stairs wandering each floor to check out the hallway fashion illustrations. 

Hotel Indigo Milan stairway.


Hotel Indigo Milan Brunetta illustrations.


Fitness Room

The gym is located in the basement level.

Hotel Indigo Milan gym


Hotel Indigo Milan gym


Hotel Indigo Milan gym


Hotel Indigo Milan gym


Hotel Indigo Milan giraffe in atrium.


Hotel Indigo Milan Corso Monforte

Hotel Indigo Milan entrance and lounge at night.


Hotel Indigo Milan Corso Monforte street view at night.


I used my Chase IHG credit card (valid for 40,000 points) to book Hotel Indigo Milan during the 2023 IHG promotion offer for a 20% reduction in award night rates, dropping Hotel Indigo Milan from 44,000 points per night to 35,200 points for our stay in February 2023. 

The primary complaint I saw in TripAdvisor reviews for this hotel is the high price of rooms. 

A quick survey of IHG starting room rates in 2023 range from $250 in August or December to $450 in July to $650 in September before Milan Fashion Week.

IHG Hotel Indigo Milan Corso Monforte website.